Hunter turned 2.

Hunter turned 2 on the 11th and I still can't wrap my head around how that happened so so fast. He is a screamer and an expert at tantrum throwing. He knows all his letters, loves to dance and is already in a size 3T.

We didn't do anything on his actual birthday since we were having his party Saturday. We had his party on Valentine's day. Food and cake and presents for a few hours. There are no good pictures from the day. There are mediocre pictures, though- enjoy :)

Happy Birthday Hunter!! 
- <3  <3  <3  -


On 6 year olds.

Ahhh the 6 year old boy.

Watching Blake grow from baby to big kid has went so fast. I can't believe the things that he is doing by himself these days, the thoughts he has on his own, the jokes he tells, how much he can do for himself.

Back in September, right after school pictures on a day he was looking particularly mangy, I decided I was going to give him a hair cut (because anyone can be a barber -duh). He wasn't really on board, but when I get an idea in my head it stays and festers and it's all I think about and must be taken care of immediately- logic be damned! I believe even at 6 years old Blake knows this, so he begrudgingly obliged. The only rule- No super short hair!!

him: "I want it long on the top, okay mom?" 
me: "Sure bud- Whatever you want".

Approximately 15 seconds into said cut I ruined his hair so bad that the only fix was an immediate buzz cut. This was also the point that I realized much to my chagrin, that no, not everyone can be a barber. I handed him the mirror while simultaneously begging for forgiveness. He reacted in true Blake fashion (and this is the literal word for word conversation we had)

him: (high pitched squeal) "MY HAIR!! MY HAIR!!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR?!?!!?!?"
me: "I'm so sorry. Mom will never cut your hair... Do you errrrr like it???

Poor kid.

(post hair cut pictures taken in the backyard)

The good thing about boys is they don't hold grudges and their hair grows back quick. I gave him a cupcake, or a lollipop, or something sugar loaded and he was over it.


Yesterday we went to the store together where he picked out his Valentines, told me stories about the kids in school, asked me 3000 questions, and did math problems the whole way home. 
This morning he told me he wanted a sweatshirt because those are his favorite to wear. He tells jokes that make no sense, loves America's Funniest Home Videos, hates peanut butter, but also likes peanut butter, corrects me twenty times a day, and still wants me to pick out his pajamas. 

I have to say I really love being the mom to this 6 year old Stink. 


the no facebook experiment.

It has been 21 days since I signed off Facebook. Making the simple New Years resolution to forego the website for all of 2015. Like most people (I think) I have had a love/hate relationship with Facebook for sometime now. When I signed on over ten years ago (wooh) I was in college and I LOVED me some Facebook. There was no news feed, no business pages, no advertising. It was all profiles and pictures.

But then over time Facebook morphed from this college networking site to a crazy world dominating phenomena. And that was cool in the beginning. Until people started using it as their personal platform to be fucking assholes. The thing that I loved about Facebook (staying connected with people I didn't see often) was completely overshadowed by my complete annoyance of people sharing and over sharing and over over sharing the things that really should be said around like minded people only (or not at all, ever, to anyone).

I hate the politics on Facebook. I like to think of myself as someone who respects other people's opinions. I remind myself often that not everyone has to think like me - we are different, different perspectives are good. Unless you are a racist, bigot, sexist, hypocrite, or just a giant moron. Know your audience. Be respectful enough to know that maybe you could be insulting someone with your comments. Think about how you would feel if your kid's teacher shared a mistake your kid made all over social media (fyi- I would FLIP out- I don't like that shit at all).

And now that I am not on Facebook I am actually in better contact with some of my friends I don't live by or see all the time. We text, and call, and e-mail. Turns out your actual friends will want to know what's going on with you whether you are on Facebook or not.

So to better control my blood pressure I have pledged to be done with Facebook for 2015 and God willing forever!!


Instagram, We're good.



We had another really nice Christmas. The boys were happy with all their gifts (as they should be since they pretty much have three Christmases!) I told myself I was going to take pictures of every part. Every meal, gift being opened, happy face, and person that walked through our front door would all be well documented so I would have in memory forever!! 
Well.... I did not. I have about 10 shitty pictures from Christmas morning and that's it. I plan on honing up on my picture skills this year (maybe even getting a new lens- I know, so fancy) so next year there will be no excuses!
Anyway here is what I did muster ...

 A pile of presents for everyone!!!!

 "This is the best Christmas ever!!" - Logan Porter before he opened one present

 This is Logan's I like this present... maybe face

worldwide #1 record breaker for earliest kids awake on Christmas shirt-
Before 5 AM. Too much. Way too much.

What a little angel.
He took super long to open all his presents, mainly because he ate a whole gummy saver story book in ten minutes. 
We just let it go. No beasts on the loose Christmas morning.


A quick Christmas card story. 

A sure fire way to lose your mind is to decide you are going to take a picture of your kids sitting perfectly still in front of your perfectly twinkling Christmas tree smiling perfectly for the most perfect Christmas card. I took about 200 pictures before I threw my hands up because I was going to Homer to Bart choke one of them. I, of course, decided that 7 PM on a Saturday night would be the best time to set out on this venture. A glutton for punishment I am. 
I sent them all to bed as soon as the last flash went off. I was sweating like I had just gotten off a treadmill. I was d.o.n.e. I went through all the horrible photos and wanted to die thinking about having to take a second go at the insanity. So in what may be one of my cleverest ideas of all time I took the picture where they were sitting the stillest (read: the least blurry photo) and covered their faces almost completely. 
The result? Probably my favorite Christmas card of these three turkeys yet!

Picmonkey for the win!