The boys and I are at my parents house for the weekend. I am leaving my kids with my parents overnight so I can celebrate my friend Ashley's bachelorette party (Yippeeeee!!!!)
This morning we were in the kitchen, Blake and Lo playing with their magnets on the fridge and my parents and I having coffee. After awhile the boys went to watch TV in the living and we continued with whatever we were talking about. Mid conversation I had to stop everyone and direct their eyes to the fridge. This is what we saw:
Blakey put a cow butt magnet over his brother's face!!

I found this to be hilarious... Then I started to think of the reason Blake would cover his brothers face with animal butt and here is what I came up with:

 1) Logan has been obsessed with my father since we got here and Blake doesn't like that.
 2)  Now that Logan's walking Blake doesn't like sharing his ride on/walk with toys with him. 
3) Secretly Blake is still seeking revenge for this event.

Either way it had me cracking up...

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