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I have so many stories about the boys and I am not one to write them all on Facebook because I would be updating my status every 5 seconds (plus I'm convinced that Facebook might be ruining my life). Anyway, I thought I would start the blog with something that happened tonight at Wal-Mart.
We were in line checking out and the woman at the check out was moving at a serious snails pace, which was getting everyone in line a little annoyed. Most annoyed of all was Logan who was screaming in the front seat of the cart. Naturally everyone turned around to see the cutest little boy who was obviously being murdered. But that was nothing compared to what Blake was about to do.
Before I share my first adventure of life with Blake Porter let me just thank Sam Walton for putting EVERY stupid toy, lollipop, chap stick and cookie cup right in Blake's view... Nothing is more embarrassing then having 2 Wal-Mart associates come over and ask your son what is wrong while he is rolling around on Wal-Mart's floor because you wouldn't let him open the grab and go Oreo cup at 8:30 in the morning, except for maybe this story...
Today Blake decided that he would like to play with a Toy Story camera while waiting in line for the lady at the checkout to take 5 minutes to scan a bag of ice. He was making Logan laugh and a couple customers seemed amused so I was like whatever... I was actually surprised because when it was our turn to check out and I asked him to put it back he did. You know, in my head I am thinking that I look like a responsible loving mother who is respected by her 3 year old, people must be so impressed with my parenting skills. Until about 3 minutes into checking out when he went back and got the camera. Not only did he get the camera but he then proceeded to put it in his own separate mini Wal-Mart bag while the woman behind the register was also bagging groceries. At that point I was like Blake take that camera out of the bag and put it back. He screamed NO and then swung the bag around... and hit a woman walking by square in the vagina with the bag.
Luckily the woman kinda laughed and kept walking... I have no plans on bringing either of my kids to Wal-Mart for awhile.

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