Keep Smiling, Keep Shining.....

"What kind of name is Stove anyway?"

I had so much fun this weekend. My friend Ashley is getting married in June and this past weekend was her bachelorette party. It was 24 kid free hours of bliss. Ashley and I have almost the same life. We both have 2 boys the same age, were both stay at home moms, we were both planning our weddings at the same time, we had the same car, we have the same name, we both watch all the seasons of Bravo Housewives, except maybe DC (bor--inggg)...
Anyway.... first we went and saw Bridesmaids.. That movie was hilarious. I loved the blonde with the three boys.. I feel like some of the things she said gave me a preview of what life was gonna be like in about 13 years ("I cracked a blanket in half") ha ha they were all so funny. I think I need to see this movie one more time in the theater. It really is that good.
After the movie we went and got manicures and pedicures. You know that scene in Legally Blonde where the girls are at the salon and the women are talking about Elle and her friends? That is DEFINITELY what happened when were getting our nails done. It made me wish I had taken something besides one year of Spanish in college. I wish I could have called those bitches out. But I paid and gave a good tip and then talked about them for like 20 minutes in true Ashley fashion, plus my toes do look good, so I'm over it.
We had some drinks in the hotel room and then went out to dinner. I don't know if the place was called DP's or Yonos but I do know that they had these pretzels that I could have eaten as my meal. They were shaped like Dunkin Muchkins and were delicious. Plus their french fries are cut like McDonald's. So that place gets an A in my book.
Then we went out. In my humble opinion, down town Albany is a hot mess. At the risk of sounding like a 75 year old, why is the music so loud? It was seriously giving me a headache, I couldn't hear anything anyone was saying and a lot of the times my ' I cant hear what your saying' face was probably misconstrued as an 'I don't care what your saying' face. The other negative of the night was that apparently someone got shot in the leg. That's awful. I don't think people should combine drinking and guns. It just seems like a recipe for disaster if you ask me. Which brings me to one of my favorite (and their are like 100) Chris Rock quotes:
"Gun control? We need bullet control! I think every bullet should cost $5000 dollars. Because if a bullet cost $5000 dollars, we wouldn't have any innocent bystanders"

The best parts of the night were when we got this big fat martini, when my cousin Danielle met us out and when we got back to the hotel and fell asleep and didn't have to get up to make bottles. Well those were my favorite parts. Here are some pictures :)
The Bride to Be

I don't know what this drink was called but it was really good

All of us

Look who came to see us?? :) 

And here are some pictures of the boys spent their weekend:

@ Pop and MeMa's
 Playing in Blake's room
 after tubs
 Look what Pop caught!
 On the minnow!!
 Logan's BFF


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  1. Ash you're too funny. I love reading your blog. Hope all is well!