Memorial Day Weekend: Part 2 (and puppies... scroll to bottom)

The Porter's had a very eventful second part of our Memorial Day Weekend. Sunday we went to a BBQ at my friend Heather's house. We tried to get Blake to swim in the big pool which was completely unsuccessful. But he splashed and played and dumped water all over his himself in the little pool so he still had fun. Logan liked the little pool too and looked so cute in his new bathing suit from Aunt Laura. We ate so much delicious food... and we cooked none of it. I brought a fruit platter. That Michael cut up. We had hamburgers and hot dogs and ribs and vegetables on the grill and I almost squealed with delight when a giant pan of Carolina's sister Diana's rice and beans came out. I love that stuff so much that I literally just typed that sentence with a smile on my face, my love of all things bbqis also probably why I gained 3 pounds this weekend, but I digress. We also had pina coladas and skinny girl margaritas. I pretty much sped home to get sweats on, I was so full when that party was over. After the BBQ I realized that I didn't take any pictures of me and my friends. (Insert mad crowd voice "Booooo!! Boooooo!!". From now on I am making my friends take pictures with me whether they like it or not. I feel like the last 4 years of my life have been severely under documented. All that is about to change... get ready friends!!!
Today Michael and Doug cut down more trees in front of our house (I think a total of 12 have been chopped so far). It looks really good. But now I feel like my house needs to be extra pretty because there are no trees blocking it from the road. It does need some TLC and we are working on it. Owning a home is great but is also a great pain in the ass. But I have faith that in the next few months it will be beautified.
And really who even cares about this topic because after tree cutting and naps we went to Ticonderoga and saw Ruby and Lily's puppies. These puppies are SO cute. I don't think there is a word for how cute they are. There are 81 new pictures of them on my camera, they are 81 pictures in 2 hours cute, I dont know if I have taken 81 picturesof my kidsin 2 hourse before. There are 8 puppies total and we are looking for good homes for them. They will be a month on June 4th and soon after we will be sending them out to their forever families. Wouldn't it be great if some of our new neighbors/facebook friends/ ppl we know took them and then we could have little reunions every month, every 3 months, every 6 months???
Maybe that is pushing it, but seriously check out these pictures and if your interested let me know,
..... and you will be interested.

Blake before the BBQ. So handsome

Me and the boys...This picture took about 56 tries

Michael and the boys. This picture took 1 try....

Blake and Lo in their new Birthday bathing suits, pretend they are smiling and not crying simultaneously

Ahhhhhhhhhh these puppies are seriously the CUTEST things ever..
There are light brown ones

and black ones...

and Black with brown ones (I think this is what my 1st dog Maggie would have looked like as a puppy)

This is Ruby's puppy. She only has one and it is so cute and fat right now cause she's not sharing milk...
 So cute. I think her eyes are blue

Another black with brown.. these ones are both boys.. I <3 them

Michael clearly has a favorite

as do I... This is Jessie

But I love Michael's too!!! They are like stuffed animals

KK, me, Blake and 3 puppies.

Ady and a light one...doesn't it look like a bear??

KK and a black one

All 8 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3


  1. Love the pictures Ashley! The puppies are so dang cute. I've got some work to do. lol.