Memorial Day Weekend: Part One

Blake just asked me where his ballerina shirt was... Damn those Wiggles...

Anyway, today we had a throw together garage sale. My friend Heather and I decided to have our garage sale on Wednesday, drank mojitos made signs last night and I got all my stuff together last night and this morning. I think that is the best way to do it, you can't think too much before you sell things. I am about 94% sure that I am not going to have any more kids so I decided it was really time to start clearing out all things baby. We have okay storage in our house but I can't justify saving things that have a 94% chance of never getting used again. Logan does not have the space in his bedroom and honestly I was just sick of looking at it.
Here are some things that I noticed about my garage sale:

1. If you have a good story or are a generally nice shopper you could ask me if you could have something for a nickel and I will say yes. For example, the old man shopping by himself who bought a baby swing for his grandson who isnt even born yet. I had to show him how to turn it on like 7 times before he left or the one who bought ALL my baby blankets to donate to the Humane Society... Sigh, old men are so cute.

2. Garage salers are UP AND AT EM!!! I had a couple pull up at about 7:55 to buy a Tickle Me Elmo. You would have thought it was 1996. By 2:00 most garage sales are closing up shop cause the truly dedicated are done by 10:30.

3. My kids have way to much stuff. I know there will come a time when it is going to be important to me that my kids have a big Christmas like I did. But that is not the case when they are1 and 3... I seriously sold some of the toys that I had bought them for Christmas this year. I'm not wasting my money anymore. I could wrap diapers for Logan and as long as he can unwrap them I am sure he will be happy.

4. It is a lot more fun having a garage sale with a friend than it is alone. Today was really fun. Blake played with Heather's girls and for the most part everyone got along great.

Up next? BBQ Tomorrow, hopefully the sun will make an appearance and perhaps the Hangover 2 :)

                                                                        Garage Sale!!!!!

                                                                       2 of our "helpers"

 Logan went through 3 pairs of pants in 6 hours just from rolling around in the dirt and mud.. here he is enjoying some animal crackers
Staying true to my "no black rule". I swear I thought my hair looked cute when I went outside.
 Logan on his 3rd pair of pants. He also went through 3 pairs of shoes, all 3 were kicked off within 10 minutes
 Oh hey Michael!!! You know what goes great with a garage sale? A chain saw... Started cutting down the "privacy trees" in front of our house
 I don't know where Heather's husband Doug was for these pictures but he cut all the trees down. Thanks Doug!
 Still have to cut down all these!
and these!!!

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