Summer Time Resolutions

I feel like the summer is a time for people to feel refreshed, get energized, enjoy outside and in some ways get a new start. Everything is coming to life, people are out mowing their lawns and potting flowers and getting up early...I want to be a part of all of that. 
I feel like some days it is all I can do to get up and get, say 3 things done. I hate days that come and go and I am left wondering what I have accomplished. I think the best way to stick to certain changes you want to make is to make them public... So lets do it!
#1 Lets Run!!! Tomorrow June1st I will be signing up for a half marathon. I need to get motivated and toned and I think that this is just what I need. I will have plenty of time to practice as the half marathon is in October. Sometimes you need to do things for yourself and I think an hour or two to myself everyday is just what I need. My friend Ashley ran a half marathon and used this program. I think this is what I am going to do as well. I think it will give me plenty of time to be where I need to be in order to run 13.1.
#2 Lets get organized: Right now I have 2 per diemjobs. I am having the hardest time managing my time, and not just with work, with everything. Seriously, between play dates with my kids, trying to keep my house up, laundry, my new idea to start running regularly and not having a babysitter when I need one... Are these all excuses? yes. Am I boring myself? yes.
I bought a nice big calender for my kitchen to help me keep on top of everything and am in the process of getting my office/getting ready room together. So anyway, I am going to get all of my organization together and then share with you!
#3 Lets get Zen. Does zen mean calm? Thats what I always thought it meant. I need to get some serious calm going. Sometimes I get so irritated at the dumbest shit. I need to remember that my babies are only gonna be babies for a few more years and if I dont enjoy it I will never get it back... I feel like I always remember that when they are sleeping lol.

btw... I hope everything in this post is spelled correct. My spell check isnt working.

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