Things I love on a Thursday

9:30 on a Thursday watching a screaming crying man rolling around on the floor on SYTYCD. WOW... That was a bit much. Anywho... I could write about how Blake ripped his curtains down off the wall again but why tell a tale twice?
Here's what I'm loving:
- So You Think You Can Dance is back. I <3 this show. It makes me not even care that all my usual shows are off for the summer... It is corny but it is great. I mean this guy just skidded across the floor on his head, not gonna find that in Peru.
- I <3 mangu. AHHHHHHHHHH I love mangu. There are few meals that I would choose over a lunch at McDonald's. This is one, it is so good! The plantains, the cheese, the onion, the salami.. I am going to find a Dominican restaurant next time I go to Albany and I am going to eat a giant platter of it.... I bet it wont be as good as my friend Carolina's but I'm gonna try.
- I <3 that I am going to go a whole week without wearing black. I wear black so much, I guess cause black is supposed to make you look thin. I need more teals, reds, blues, mustards and kelly greens in my wardrobe. I got as far as grey today and I didn't take a picture... Damn you WIWW...
- I <3 that I am going to get my life organized in a few weeks... More on that later

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