My current favorite blog is Funky Vintage Lovely. I love how honest she is about everything in her life, I love her store and I love that she participates in WIWW or what I wore Wednesday.
If I took a picture of what I look like and what I am wearing right now you would vomit. I am tempted to take a picture with my computer camera but the last thing I need is people saying to themselves "ew, that's wayyyy worse than I even thought", and you would. Yesterday I cut a slit in the neck of my hoodie and actually thought I was being fashion forward. Anywho, basically all WIWW is when you take a picture of what your wearing that day or a pic for everyday of the week and post them online to share.
I do know 2 things:
 1) When I get myself dressed and ready I always feel better and usually have a much more productive and happy day :)
2) That some of you are only reading this blog for stories about Stink and Schmoop. And for all of you, simply scroll past the pictures of me... Besides we have an "exciting" event coming up later today, and I'll be sharing pictures of that later. So in the words of Danielle "don't get your panties in a bundle"

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