Throw back Thursday #3 and some 4th of July fireworks

I am running low on pictures. I wish I didn't live so far away from everyone I would raid everyone I knows photo albums, steal all their noteworthy pictures and post them all over the Internet.
Buttttttt since I live in Peru and I only have a few (even less than when I moved from when we had our flood... sighhhh) I will post a few of what I have...
This is me at my nursery school graduation in 1988.. that was a good year, a gallon of gas on average cost 91 cents, BeetleJuice came out, Rob Base was getting stupid I mean outrageous stay away from me if you contagious....  Also crack made its way into the US... I thought that was a little fun fact....
This is my kindergarten class picture. I am in the sweet mint green sweater shirt/skirt combo. Someone should have taught me to sit a little more lady like. My teacher was Ms. Marnes.
. The girl in the pink teddy bear sweater was my best friend in class and her name is Jennifer, I think. At one point I thought I remembered her last name and attempted to Facebook find her with no luck. I have one memory of kindergarten and that is when Ms. Marnes walked the whole class to Handy Andy's and bought us each a 10 cent Hershey Popsicle (speaking of, I would like to know what happened to those) Anyway, I remember that we each got a popsicle and she got a chocolate eclair and I was mad because I liked them better. I remember her telling us to be careful and not drip our pops on our clothes, and as she was saying this she got some on her shirt. And I remember being happy that she dripped. I was evil at the ripe age of 5.
Last one.. this is me and Heather (one of my 8 followers on Stink&Schmoop.. thanks girl!) celebrating the Chinese New Year in first grade. I am wearing my signature side ponytail and a pair of saddle shoes that if I remember correctly I REALLY wanted that year. This was before the extension was built and before VR was sold and changed to a private school... The good old days.

Back to the present... or 21 years later. Blake and I made these awesome fireworks last night. He painted all the red ones... a few blues and a few whites. I think I need to do more stuff like this with him.. he really likes to paint. Don't mind my make shift umbrella in the background. Its for the beach but I stuck it in a pot of soil and it keeps the sun out of at least one person at the table's eyes. Its innovative.

One last thing.. We were walking through Wal-Mart tonight (why does every Blake story have to do with Wal-Mart?) when this old lady walked by and smiled at the kids. Blake in turn says at about a 20 volume level... "Mom look at that grandpa.. look at that grandpa... Hey Mom look at the grandpa.... you see that grandpa??" That kid needs volume control.


A quick PSA and mossy balls

I would just like to say how happy I am that New York voted yes to gay marriage. I think that every person should have the choice to marry anyone they want... or deny any person they want for that matter. I would be lying if I said I never think about what would happen if one of my boys were to come to me one day and tell me they are gay. I cant say that it would not be hard. I do know that I would support them and love them and respect them and be there. I also know I would worry about what their lives would be like living in a world where some people are so ignorant and lack tolerance.Then I think about all of the millions of Moms who have to worry about the intolerances their gay sons or daughters are facing today. It is awful. I wish we lived in a world where none of it mattered. I know that it is not natural for people to not have prejudices, but when I think about what a world would be like if everyone accepted everyone no matter their race or religion or sexual preference. It seems pretty nice.

OK now that that's off my chest....on to mossy balls! Last night I was watching The Voice (btw my fave Javier won) and working on making my living room look better. My living room is bo-ring. Its brown and beige. Its a snooze fest. So here is a before....
 Look at the little nuggets new pics... so cute. Anyway, besides that these candles were all crooked and dusty and I was just not liking it at all. I have to also be mindful that I can't put anything to fragile up here or that I love too much.. 2 boys. Things could get broken in a Milli second. Anyway this is what I did....
I bought Styrofoam balls and moss at Wal-Mart

I was ripping it out of the bag like a maniac. The first one I made was really thick
Then I realized that if you pulled it out of the bag it is in like a sheet, so I could easily just cut it and glue gun it on.... so here is what it looks like now....

Baby steps but still....Much better!!!!!
 I love when I do one thing it makes me want to keep going and make my house homier :)


A Big Birthday Weekend

I meant to write earlier but I have been tending to mossy balls this evening (more on those tomorrow)
This weekend was my mom's birthday. The big 5-0!! She is very excited for this decade of her life. I really wanted to write a special birthday post for her on her birthday but my parents Internet wasn't working so I couldn't, and now its passed. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! Cheers to you and to the next 50!!

We had a great weekend in Rensselaer. The boys were kept nice and busy- We went to the park with my friend Alisha and her son Tyler- I love catching up with friends I haven't seen in a long time (Lish- Get me those goose sweater pics for Throwback Thursday!!), we also saw a woman walking a rabbit at the park... that was a first.
The boys went to Chuck E Cheese and we had a nice birthday BBQ for my mom at my Aunts. The hardest thing about being away for a weekend is trying to get back on track once I get home. I feel like I need 2 days to regroup. Tomorrow is that day- I guess...

I was bad with the camera this weekend... I kept thinking I should be taking pictures of this or that- but was just being lazy. Here is what I managed...
 Tyler and Blake- Tyler is tall for his age and Blake is a peanut.. This picture cracks me up!!
 Someone decided they liked a pool this weekend!!
 Schmoop and his Pop... So stinkin cute!
 Laura Mom and I- Happy 50th!!!
If posting pics of this guy is wrong then I don't want to be right

Come back tomorrow for mossy balls :)


Throwback Thursday #2

Who is ready??

This week I am featuring none other than...... My cousin Danielle (with permission)!!! Things to know about Danielle. 1) She does not like to go out to breakfast after a night of drinking. Somehow eggs make her feel sick. She will eat buttered noodles instead. 2) She is Blake's godmother (if the day ever comes that we decide to get him and Lo baptized) 3) She has a really quick mouth, and this is what I mean by that, did you ever get in an argument with someone and then like 20 minutes or 2 days or 3 weeks later or whatever think I should have said this or I should have done that. Danielle will never have to wonder because in a fit of rage her brain/mouth combo is nothing to be reckoned with. Once when we were in high school a very pregnant teacher told her that she needed to leave the library and Danielle in turn told her to go on maternity leave. Brilliance. So who is ready to venture back in time?? Me! Me! Me! (but first let me apologize to anyone else who might be incorporated in this throw back purely by default, just focus on Danielle- that's what I am going to do)

This is the infamous bowl cut. A serious trend that Danielle may or may not be responsible for starting in the early 1990's. I love her sweat shirt!!!

Girl Scout moving up ceremony. You can tell that we are a product of the same family as we are the only 2 who are tucked in. Very cutting edge.

Once when we were little our grandmother gave us each like 3 cookies. Danielle pretended that she was done eating hers so I ate mine really fast so we could go and play. When I was done she pulled hers out from behind a lamp ( I know, what a bitch). Another time after we made our first communion she convinced me that we should moon the video camera. On the count of three I mooned the camera and she only pretended too. I sobbed in my bedroom for half the party.
This little gem is sweet revenge :) 

One night we were drinking wine and Danielle put on this little ditty. White Sketchers, Tapered Riders, red belly shirt, Reebok wind breaker. She was getting ready for a night at Gibsons (Gibsons Gibsons ugh ugh Dollar Bud nights ugh ugh)

I don't know when this is from but I thought I would throw it in for fun

Erin, Danielle and I at Church Street in Burlington. Danielle almost did not make it with us. Lets just say she was feeling a little under the weather...self induced.. She still photographed really well

Wasn't that fun???? We will have to see what Danielle thinks :)


One more thing

I entered one of my posts from Stink & Schmoop (My first post about our trip to Wal-Mart) to The Times Union Blog On The Edge and she mentioned me on her blog today :). So keep an eye out for me here !

A wedding, a mini moon and a giant earlobe

I cant believe it has taken me so long to get this post up. Bad Ash. Anyway, here is a recap of our weekend.

First Stink and Schmoop spent the weekend in Ticonderoga with their GeGe and Poppy. According to all parties involved, Blake was wonderful, well behaved, good on the potty, ate a ton. Lo had a little bit of a harder time, maybe because he was cutting teeth or maybe he just missed his Mom. Either way they were both good and Michael and I were very happy to hear that.

After dropping them off we headed down to Schenectady to start our weekend. First up, WEDDING! We checked into our hotel, Michael hopped into bed and I was able to spend some time with my friend Ashley while she was getting ready for her big day. I think the key to enjoying your wedding day is to not get stressed out, try not to get too nervous and enjoy every minute. Ash didn't seem nervous at all, just excited.
Here is a list of some of the things I liked best:
1. I loved how cute her boys looked in their tuxes. So handsome. Babies in tuxes are the cutest thing ever. While I still think having our boys at our wedding would have been a mess, her kids were so cute and I cant wait to see more pictures of them.
2. The food was so good. I only wished that I had eaten more of it. Especially the pasta. and the cake.
3. Open bar-  (insert dry heaving twice in the bathroom.... I made sure I was alone- I have a little class).
4. Watching one of my best friends get married... oh and the weather was perfect!
There was a videographer who may or may not have caught some of my sweet moves on video. The day I watch that video will be the most embarrassing day of my life. Michael has already said that he never wants to watch it. Oh man. I'm kind of embarrassed already. Anyway, the wedding was great. I ended the night with a bowl of easy mac and some fig newtons in the hotel lobby.
Michael and I at our first wedding as a married couple- Is it just me or am I looking a bit greasy?

Bride and Groom

If this is the beginning of anything video related its gonna be trouble. Also WHY do my legs always look to be the color of a glass of milk. ew.

The next day Michael and I took the most awkwarddddd cab ride of our lives. We got picked up at the hotel and had to take about a 3 mile ride to the wedding venue to pick up our car. The driver looked to be about 9 years old. I am not kidding. He didn't look like a little person but more like a freckle faced boy I could have graduated 5th grade with. The seat was so close to the steering wheel I could have made my body look like a capital L and still had room. He did about 70 mph the entire ride. At one point he pulled over to "stop at a store real quick" where he picked up some GPC's and a couple waters. when he got out of the car we saw that his red shades matched his red tee and his little red sneakers. Then as he continued driving he pulled out and began texting on his miniature red blackberry. this was his ring tone in case you were wondering. We seriously thought we were getting Punked. I wish we were because at least then it would have made some sense. So weird.

Anywho... We then got in our car and went to breakfast with my parents and sister. Sunday was also Fathers Day and anyone who read my last post knows I <3 my Dad (awwwww). Actually while this is true Michael and I love a free meal and I wanted to get some new pics for the blog. The Marriot was perfect for an impromptu photo shoot and Laura and I were not about to let the opportunity pass. My father specifically stated he DID NOT want me to post them on my Facebook. Which was fine because Laura did. He did not say anything about my blog however....

Haha good times. Michael and I spent the rest of Sunday at Lake George. First we took a 2 hour nap in our hotel room which was very necessary. We walked around the village, went to a few outlets, had dinner at The Olive Garden and bought the boys hats and t-shirts.
The next day we went to Great Escape. It was fun. We went on the Boomerang first and I thought I was gonna die. I have been on that ride before so I don't know what the big deal was but I was swea-ty! Every other ride hailed easy in comparison though.
 I really wanted one of those cartoon caricatures of Michael and I but I guess they don't have them anymore. Sighhhh... why would they ever stop selling those?? The Lazy River or whatever its called was also closed which was annoying because I really wanted to just relax with Michael and do that, instead we went on all the water slides which was the exact opposite of relaxing. Here we are on that ride that takes you across the park veryyyy slowlllyyyy
I don't know why I have rabbit teeth almost all my pictures these days.

All in all it was a great mini honey moon. lol. When you have two babies it doesn't matter if you are15 minutes from home. If you are away, you are away and that is all that matters.
Tuesday when we got home I attempted to weed whack.... I got bit by something in the ear and now my lobes are 2 different sizes. I hope it goes back down soon. Also I just asked  Blake what he was doing and he said " I'm in my room... Oh Christ!" Time to start self editing.....


Throw Back Thursday (Fathers Day Edition)

This is so fun! I like that I can make up my own days... I have so many great ideas if I can keep a Throw back Thursday tradition going...

Because Fathers Day is Sunday and I won't be by a computer, I am going to celebrate my Dad on my blog today. Things to know about Joel:
1) If he comes over for dinner DO NOT serve Chinese food. If you do and he tries it and he doesn't like, then he will have nothing. (hahahaha poor Joel- He will never live it down)
2) He did not like it when his daughters got bad grades in high school - Since I was the only daughter that got said "bad grades"(which just for reference was like a 70%) I was frequently asked if I wanted to work at Mcdonalds the rest of my life. I don't know what its like to work at Mcdonalds but I can and always could pretty much conclude that, no in fact, I do not want to work there the rest of my life. He should have asked me if I wanted to eat there the rest of my life. My answer to that question was then and is now yes. yes I do.  
3) I used to always ask my Mom when I wanted to do things because I thought my Dad would say no. But now, at the ripe age of 27, I realized I had it all wrong. My Dad doesn't really say no. Maybe its the grand kids I'm really not sure. But whatever it is, I like it.
4) He loves Halloween (you'll see)
 5) Father/daughter dance at my wedding was the best. I will never speak of it cause I will probably hyperventilate but lets just say this, My Girl came on in Michael's Craft Store the other day and I was water works, people were staring... So embarrassing.
Anywho.... Happy Fathers Day to my Dad!!! and to my new Father in law. and to the Dad that made me a Mom...

<3 you guys!!!!!

Laura, Me, My Dad- Catskill Game Farm

My Dad as Mr. Potato Head.
One night when I was young my Dad and I had a fight so in a fit of rage I colored in his eyeballs, wrote jerk on the back  and ripped his picture in half. Immediately guilt stricken I attempted to staple it back together. He must have asked me if I wanted to work at Mcdonalds. I think I was 8. 

Me and my Dad feeding a deer. I like that our shorts are the same color... and size

Stuntin is a habit... Get like him
@ the ocean... I like that the flannel is tied around his tummy...
"hated it"!


WIWW and a short rant

This is me today (whole outfit Target- flip flops Old Navy). So exciting right? no treallly (does anyone remember this quote besides me and my sister??) Notice anything different?? probably not.
I got highlights!!!
I cant decide if I like them or not. First of all the price to get your hair done in Up Upstate New York is out of control. It pisses me off. I have been staring at myself since yesterday trying to decide if I like them or not. I feel like for what I paid I should love them. Anyway from now on I am driving myself to Albany when I want my hair done. It is a better price and a better job. sighhhhhhhhhhh
 (not that anyone cares about this topic but the opportunity to vent was there so I took it, plus I don't have anything else to write about today) 
In other breaking news Blake has 9 stickers on his chart and has been accident free all day.

Make sure you come back and visit me tomorrow... I have an idea and I think its going to be fu-hun!!! 


A New Approach

I'm tired tonight, and I know I won't be able to sleep until The Voice is over (Does anyone else think that Blake and Adam called each other after last weeks episode and talked about how annoying Christina Aguilera was?? I hope she calms it down this week).
Anyway here is a story in pictures:

How do you think this happened??
 Blake peed again (on his shirt,in his underpants and all over my dining room chair.. ughhhhh!!!
Attempted to revert to Super Nanny but her and I have to agree to disagree on this one)... Decided to take a new route

Blake's first potty chart :)
Lets get this party started

Happy with his new chart and in his nice dry undies..
Pop told him if he has lots of stickers next time we visit he's gonna go get a special treat!
He already has 3 stickers!!!

And just for fun here is one of my Schmoop. Seriously is he the most beautiful baby or what???


5 AM wake up call and Dozer Day

Saturday morning my kids were up at  5 AM. Both of them in unison. I wanted to die. If my kids sleep until 6:30AM I consider myself lucky. Saturday morning they weren't just up they were UP. Ready to go. I was able to entertain them until about 7 when they started getting restless. What do you do with 2 kids up at 7 AM?????
 Well I put them in the car, gave Blake 75 cents and we drove to a yard sale. What a bust. They had nothing.  Blake got a Scooby Doo Game (which will probably be in the garbage next week), we played at the playground around the corner for like 20 minutes and we were headed back home.
On the way Blake thought he was going to throw up. The road I pulled onto to let him out to get some air happened to be the same street leading to Dozer Day!!!! By now it was pushing all of 9:15 AM. Blake didn't end up throwing up but we did go and see what Dozer Day was all about. We had no idea what it was so we had zero expectations but Blakey really liked it. There was so much to do all geared to kids his age, and Logan was happy enough to sit in his stroller and take it all in (Poor Schmoop, only gets honorable mentions most of the time) Anyway, here are some pictures from our fun morning... For the record we were home at 11:15, had lunch and napped until 2!!!
 What's Dozer Day without some cotton candy???

 All business when operating machinery
 Logan really was having fun. These are all pictures from my phone because like I said before, spurt of the moment.If I had my camera I would've gotten some better shots!
 Climbing the "rock wall"
 Curious George

Because I only have that one picture of  Logan from our outing, here is a cute picture of him at the park the other day.. What a Schmoop!!


potty trained.......... sikeeeeeeee

Oh My Goddddddddddddd..... If Blake pees his pants one more time I am going to lose it. We were just sitting in the chair together watching Astro Boy and he was putting a million knots playing with my hair and I was showing him pictures of fun things on the computer when he says, "mom, look at my pants". First of all he was wearing shorts, second of all THEY WERE SOAKED!!! Like he had just dipped his lower half in the bath tub soaked. Also, the chair that we were sitting in now has a giant wet ring on it, he came like 2 millimeters from peeing all over my leg.
He was doing soooo good on the potty. I feel like the last two weeks its like he cant be bothered to take the 10 steps to the bathroom. He flew to his bedroom... ahhhh I don't know what to do...he better stop soon, I don't want the kids at school calling him Pee Pee Pants Porter. I may have to revert to my 50 cent Super Nanny garage sale book for this one.