WIWW... this week I didn't really like any of my clothes, maybe because I cant stop eating and in my mind its starting to show. Sighhhhhhh. I did sign up for my half marathon today, so I took the first step, the easiest step, but the first step.
Buttttttt there was one day where I felt nice and thin and like I was the best looking person in the room. My wedding day :) I seriously lu-huved everything about that day. Here are some ( and I mean out of a list of about 600) of my favorite things about the day:

1. I <3'd that me and my girls had matching sweat suits all day getting ready. Its a huge day and anyone who says their wedding dress is comfortable is lying. It was really important that we were all comfortable all day. Comfortable AND cute is a bonus. By the end of the night we were all back in our matching sweat suits with the exception of my sister... always daring to be different :)

2. I <3'd that I saw my parents and Michael before the wedding. I loved this for so many reasons. All anxiety was gone by the time my father walked me over the bridge  down the aisle, eliminating all 150 guests seeing my ugly crying face, and "the reveal" made for really cute pictures.

3. I <3'd that everyone was there to have a good time, and I am sure that the open bar helped :) If anyone wasn't having fun I must not have seen them, and I probably didn't because I was too busy having fun.

4. I <3'd room 111. It was nice that when the wedding was over, the party wasn't. It was a great way to end the night, even though Michael and I left before most did and I dry heaved on the way over (and 2 other times in private, bahahhaa - so classy).

5. I <3'd getting married at a hotel and that a ton of our guests stayed overnight. Seeing everyone over breakfast and hearing how much fun everyone had was a great way to end the celebration.

6. I <3'd getting a husband. He's great. Even if I didn't know what hand to put his ring on.

Here's how a FB convo with my sister just went:
ME: What was the one thing you loved about my wedding? I'm blogging.
LAURA: ummmmmm I loved........ every single thing

:) Me too

Ill try uploading my absolute favorite pictures tomorrow. Nothing is loading right now...figures :)

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