5 AM wake up call and Dozer Day

Saturday morning my kids were up at  5 AM. Both of them in unison. I wanted to die. If my kids sleep until 6:30AM I consider myself lucky. Saturday morning they weren't just up they were UP. Ready to go. I was able to entertain them until about 7 when they started getting restless. What do you do with 2 kids up at 7 AM?????
 Well I put them in the car, gave Blake 75 cents and we drove to a yard sale. What a bust. They had nothing.  Blake got a Scooby Doo Game (which will probably be in the garbage next week), we played at the playground around the corner for like 20 minutes and we were headed back home.
On the way Blake thought he was going to throw up. The road I pulled onto to let him out to get some air happened to be the same street leading to Dozer Day!!!! By now it was pushing all of 9:15 AM. Blake didn't end up throwing up but we did go and see what Dozer Day was all about. We had no idea what it was so we had zero expectations but Blakey really liked it. There was so much to do all geared to kids his age, and Logan was happy enough to sit in his stroller and take it all in (Poor Schmoop, only gets honorable mentions most of the time) Anyway, here are some pictures from our fun morning... For the record we were home at 11:15, had lunch and napped until 2!!!
 What's Dozer Day without some cotton candy???

 All business when operating machinery
 Logan really was having fun. These are all pictures from my phone because like I said before, spurt of the moment.If I had my camera I would've gotten some better shots!
 Climbing the "rock wall"
 Curious George

Because I only have that one picture of  Logan from our outing, here is a cute picture of him at the park the other day.. What a Schmoop!!

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