A Big Birthday Weekend

I meant to write earlier but I have been tending to mossy balls this evening (more on those tomorrow)
This weekend was my mom's birthday. The big 5-0!! She is very excited for this decade of her life. I really wanted to write a special birthday post for her on her birthday but my parents Internet wasn't working so I couldn't, and now its passed. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! Cheers to you and to the next 50!!

We had a great weekend in Rensselaer. The boys were kept nice and busy- We went to the park with my friend Alisha and her son Tyler- I love catching up with friends I haven't seen in a long time (Lish- Get me those goose sweater pics for Throwback Thursday!!), we also saw a woman walking a rabbit at the park... that was a first.
The boys went to Chuck E Cheese and we had a nice birthday BBQ for my mom at my Aunts. The hardest thing about being away for a weekend is trying to get back on track once I get home. I feel like I need 2 days to regroup. Tomorrow is that day- I guess...

I was bad with the camera this weekend... I kept thinking I should be taking pictures of this or that- but was just being lazy. Here is what I managed...
 Tyler and Blake- Tyler is tall for his age and Blake is a peanut.. This picture cracks me up!!
 Someone decided they liked a pool this weekend!!
 Schmoop and his Pop... So stinkin cute!
 Laura Mom and I- Happy 50th!!!
If posting pics of this guy is wrong then I don't want to be right

Come back tomorrow for mossy balls :)

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