Blog Junkie

Being a stay at home Mom has given me the opportunity to search the Internet endlessly for a minimum of 2 hours each day while my kids nap (and many days while they are awake). When I moved away from my friends and family I had thought that a blog would be a good idea but never got around to doing it. Then one night almost 2 years after moving up here I decided I would start. First though I needed some inspiration, and so began my immediate addiction with blogging and reading blogs and finding blogs and blog blog blog (blog is def one of the words that if you say it too much sounds weird).  Anyway, after reading a million blogs, I have about 20 or so that I visit regularly. I have gotten so many great ideas about decorating my house, recipes, stories from other stay at home Moms trying to be productive throughout the day and just a plethora of useless and not so useless knowledge. So here are some little things I have done around my house and where the ideas came from.... I honestly have not had one original idea, I just see other peoples ideas and if I have the materials do it, and if I don't I modify to try and get the job done!

Isn't this wreath cute? It actually is like a million times cuter than this picture. Anyway I got the idea for this wreath from here, admittedly the one in the picture is way cuter. But like I said I usually have to improvise. This wreath is made with the top of a pizza box (obviously clean), coffee filters and a glue gun. I love it because it reminds me of the bouquets my girls held at our wedding and because, in my opinion it looks nothing like a coffee filter. I would like to make a brown one that's fuller and has a ribbon one day (Maybe for the fall) but for now, this works perfectly in our dining room.  Speaking of our dining room. I'm sure anyone who has ever been to any of Mine and Michael's apartments recognizes these.

I only have a picture of one of them and have had them since I lived in Troy at our first apartment.  They were from the Christmas Tree Shop and when I bought them I loved them. Four years later, we were sick of looking at them and Michael asked that I not put them up. But we had another problem and that was this canvas in our dining room
(Oh Hey Blake!) This canvas was on a big wall and was too small and didn't match at all. So I took some wrapping paper that I got after Christmas at Target, some adhesive spray and the frames from above and made these
They match the walls in my dining room (a color that I <3) and work in the space so much better. I still need to get a buffet at some point for under these pics but I would say all and all about an 87% improvement.

See that pillow in the corner? I took that from the guest bedroom made some "flowers" out of coffee filters and hot glued them on. They look so cute

See? Told you. Lastly I have found this blog. Every single thing she does to her house I want to do to ours. She has the best ideas and her house is so nice. Anyway, pulling from her blog I made these

Just mason jars I had lying around that I spray painted and put flowers in. Right now they are on my kitchen window sill with every other thing I have spray painted white lately. Anyway, my next project is a gift for my sister for her new apartment. I think she's gonna <3 it. Or at least pretend she does until I leave :)


  1. I will love it, I promise.. Maybe the frames need to be spaced a little further apart.. Maybe not..

    Love everything else though!

  2. I cant.. covering up some pre-existing nail holes... If/when I find my buffet it will be better :)