I did a bad bad thing

Before I write this please don't judge what I am about to write about ( Mom :) )... It was an experiment gone awry and a <48 hour lesson learned. I think after I explain, most people could come to this conclusion in about 3 minutes or less.
Michael and I got puppies, these puppies. For 2 days. And yes I did write puppies. We got 2. They were so cute and so small and so sweet. I got sucked in. And then we got home. First, let me say that I completely understand why couples get dogs before they have babies. It is a great learning experience and gives people an accurate reflection of some of the responsibility and strain that can be put on a relationship.
BUT Michael and I already have 2 babies, so we know the full strain and stress babies put on a relationship. I mean I was 3 months pregnant on our 1 year anniversary. Our relationship has almost been full of strain and stress from the beginning.
These have been 2 longggggggggg days. For all parties involved, puppies included, poor things. Blake loved them. Especially his Jessie. Loved her so much that he couldn't put her down. Ever. He held her and held her and held her. Held her by the stomach, by the front legs, by the hind legs, by the tail, by the ears... Pick a way, any way. At one point he had both in his room with a pillow over them. They couldn't go outside without him, couldn't eat without him, couldn't move without him. And Logan had no idea what they were. He just liked to dump their water over and put his hands in their mushy food. gross.
Then the dogs were crying, and pooping and peeing all over my house. I really like my house, we have worked really hard on our house. It was just a culmination of bad idea all around. So this afternoon we all hopped in the car and brought them back to their Mom. This might sound wrong, but it felt so good. It was also a super cute puppy reunion. Blake didnt even really care. When we left I asked if he wanted ice ceam and that was that.
Our two boys are all the responsibility Michael and I need right now. And I think anyone who has ever met Blake could tell you that in about 6 minutes...

In other weekend news we went to some yard sales this weekend. I found a Super Nanny book for 50 cents and a time out chair for $5 (pictures to follow), these boys will be whipped into shape in no time.
I also brought Blake to the dollar store and let him pick out a few treasures. Purchases included: Minnow net with a serious 4 foot long stick attached, 4 VHS tapes (The Mask cartoon??? Who knew??), Huggy Bear cookies and a Kit Kat. He also tried to buy a lion hat made out of foam paper, water balloons, some questionable tub soap and one of those gourmet fundraiser lollipops. It was fun. I think everyone should take a 3 year old to the dollar store and see what they pick.

Also, I have been getting crafty around my house and am going to share some pictures this week :)  

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