A New Approach

I'm tired tonight, and I know I won't be able to sleep until The Voice is over (Does anyone else think that Blake and Adam called each other after last weeks episode and talked about how annoying Christina Aguilera was?? I hope she calms it down this week).
Anyway here is a story in pictures:

How do you think this happened??
 Blake peed again (on his shirt,in his underpants and all over my dining room chair.. ughhhhh!!!
Attempted to revert to Super Nanny but her and I have to agree to disagree on this one)... Decided to take a new route

Blake's first potty chart :)
Lets get this party started

Happy with his new chart and in his nice dry undies..
Pop told him if he has lots of stickers next time we visit he's gonna go get a special treat!
He already has 3 stickers!!!

And just for fun here is one of my Schmoop. Seriously is he the most beautiful baby or what???

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