potty trained.......... sikeeeeeeee

Oh My Goddddddddddddd..... If Blake pees his pants one more time I am going to lose it. We were just sitting in the chair together watching Astro Boy and he was putting a million knots playing with my hair and I was showing him pictures of fun things on the computer when he says, "mom, look at my pants". First of all he was wearing shorts, second of all THEY WERE SOAKED!!! Like he had just dipped his lower half in the bath tub soaked. Also, the chair that we were sitting in now has a giant wet ring on it, he came like 2 millimeters from peeing all over my leg.
He was doing soooo good on the potty. I feel like the last two weeks its like he cant be bothered to take the 10 steps to the bathroom. He flew to his bedroom... ahhhh I don't know what to do...he better stop soon, I don't want the kids at school calling him Pee Pee Pants Porter. I may have to revert to my 50 cent Super Nanny garage sale book for this one.

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