A quick PSA and mossy balls

I would just like to say how happy I am that New York voted yes to gay marriage. I think that every person should have the choice to marry anyone they want... or deny any person they want for that matter. I would be lying if I said I never think about what would happen if one of my boys were to come to me one day and tell me they are gay. I cant say that it would not be hard. I do know that I would support them and love them and respect them and be there. I also know I would worry about what their lives would be like living in a world where some people are so ignorant and lack tolerance.Then I think about all of the millions of Moms who have to worry about the intolerances their gay sons or daughters are facing today. It is awful. I wish we lived in a world where none of it mattered. I know that it is not natural for people to not have prejudices, but when I think about what a world would be like if everyone accepted everyone no matter their race or religion or sexual preference. It seems pretty nice.

OK now that that's off my chest....on to mossy balls! Last night I was watching The Voice (btw my fave Javier won) and working on making my living room look better. My living room is bo-ring. Its brown and beige. Its a snooze fest. So here is a before....
 Look at the little nuggets new pics... so cute. Anyway, besides that these candles were all crooked and dusty and I was just not liking it at all. I have to also be mindful that I can't put anything to fragile up here or that I love too much.. 2 boys. Things could get broken in a Milli second. Anyway this is what I did....
I bought Styrofoam balls and moss at Wal-Mart

I was ripping it out of the bag like a maniac. The first one I made was really thick
Then I realized that if you pulled it out of the bag it is in like a sheet, so I could easily just cut it and glue gun it on.... so here is what it looks like now....

Baby steps but still....Much better!!!!!
 I love when I do one thing it makes me want to keep going and make my house homier :)

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