Throw back Thursday #3 and some 4th of July fireworks

I am running low on pictures. I wish I didn't live so far away from everyone I would raid everyone I knows photo albums, steal all their noteworthy pictures and post them all over the Internet.
Buttttttt since I live in Peru and I only have a few (even less than when I moved from when we had our flood... sighhhh) I will post a few of what I have...
This is me at my nursery school graduation in 1988.. that was a good year, a gallon of gas on average cost 91 cents, BeetleJuice came out, Rob Base was getting stupid I mean outrageous stay away from me if you contagious....  Also crack made its way into the US... I thought that was a little fun fact....
This is my kindergarten class picture. I am in the sweet mint green sweater shirt/skirt combo. Someone should have taught me to sit a little more lady like. My teacher was Ms. Marnes.
. The girl in the pink teddy bear sweater was my best friend in class and her name is Jennifer, I think. At one point I thought I remembered her last name and attempted to Facebook find her with no luck. I have one memory of kindergarten and that is when Ms. Marnes walked the whole class to Handy Andy's and bought us each a 10 cent Hershey Popsicle (speaking of, I would like to know what happened to those) Anyway, I remember that we each got a popsicle and she got a chocolate eclair and I was mad because I liked them better. I remember her telling us to be careful and not drip our pops on our clothes, and as she was saying this she got some on her shirt. And I remember being happy that she dripped. I was evil at the ripe age of 5.
Last one.. this is me and Heather (one of my 8 followers on Stink&Schmoop.. thanks girl!) celebrating the Chinese New Year in first grade. I am wearing my signature side ponytail and a pair of saddle shoes that if I remember correctly I REALLY wanted that year. This was before the extension was built and before VR was sold and changed to a private school... The good old days.

Back to the present... or 21 years later. Blake and I made these awesome fireworks last night. He painted all the red ones... a few blues and a few whites. I think I need to do more stuff like this with him.. he really likes to paint. Don't mind my make shift umbrella in the background. Its for the beach but I stuck it in a pot of soil and it keeps the sun out of at least one person at the table's eyes. Its innovative.

One last thing.. We were walking through Wal-Mart tonight (why does every Blake story have to do with Wal-Mart?) when this old lady walked by and smiled at the kids. Blake in turn says at about a 20 volume level... "Mom look at that grandpa.. look at that grandpa... Hey Mom look at the grandpa.... you see that grandpa??" That kid needs volume control.

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