Throw Back Thursday (Fathers Day Edition)

This is so fun! I like that I can make up my own days... I have so many great ideas if I can keep a Throw back Thursday tradition going...

Because Fathers Day is Sunday and I won't be by a computer, I am going to celebrate my Dad on my blog today. Things to know about Joel:
1) If he comes over for dinner DO NOT serve Chinese food. If you do and he tries it and he doesn't like, then he will have nothing. (hahahaha poor Joel- He will never live it down)
2) He did not like it when his daughters got bad grades in high school - Since I was the only daughter that got said "bad grades"(which just for reference was like a 70%) I was frequently asked if I wanted to work at Mcdonalds the rest of my life. I don't know what its like to work at Mcdonalds but I can and always could pretty much conclude that, no in fact, I do not want to work there the rest of my life. He should have asked me if I wanted to eat there the rest of my life. My answer to that question was then and is now yes. yes I do.  
3) I used to always ask my Mom when I wanted to do things because I thought my Dad would say no. But now, at the ripe age of 27, I realized I had it all wrong. My Dad doesn't really say no. Maybe its the grand kids I'm really not sure. But whatever it is, I like it.
4) He loves Halloween (you'll see)
 5) Father/daughter dance at my wedding was the best. I will never speak of it cause I will probably hyperventilate but lets just say this, My Girl came on in Michael's Craft Store the other day and I was water works, people were staring... So embarrassing.
Anywho.... Happy Fathers Day to my Dad!!! and to my new Father in law. and to the Dad that made me a Mom...

<3 you guys!!!!!

Laura, Me, My Dad- Catskill Game Farm

My Dad as Mr. Potato Head.
One night when I was young my Dad and I had a fight so in a fit of rage I colored in his eyeballs, wrote jerk on the back  and ripped his picture in half. Immediately guilt stricken I attempted to staple it back together. He must have asked me if I wanted to work at Mcdonalds. I think I was 8. 

Me and my Dad feeding a deer. I like that our shorts are the same color... and size

Stuntin is a habit... Get like him
@ the ocean... I like that the flannel is tied around his tummy...
"hated it"!

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  1. I can't get over the Halloween story. Gets me every time!