Throwback Thursday #2

Who is ready??

This week I am featuring none other than...... My cousin Danielle (with permission)!!! Things to know about Danielle. 1) She does not like to go out to breakfast after a night of drinking. Somehow eggs make her feel sick. She will eat buttered noodles instead. 2) She is Blake's godmother (if the day ever comes that we decide to get him and Lo baptized) 3) She has a really quick mouth, and this is what I mean by that, did you ever get in an argument with someone and then like 20 minutes or 2 days or 3 weeks later or whatever think I should have said this or I should have done that. Danielle will never have to wonder because in a fit of rage her brain/mouth combo is nothing to be reckoned with. Once when we were in high school a very pregnant teacher told her that she needed to leave the library and Danielle in turn told her to go on maternity leave. Brilliance. So who is ready to venture back in time?? Me! Me! Me! (but first let me apologize to anyone else who might be incorporated in this throw back purely by default, just focus on Danielle- that's what I am going to do)

This is the infamous bowl cut. A serious trend that Danielle may or may not be responsible for starting in the early 1990's. I love her sweat shirt!!!

Girl Scout moving up ceremony. You can tell that we are a product of the same family as we are the only 2 who are tucked in. Very cutting edge.

Once when we were little our grandmother gave us each like 3 cookies. Danielle pretended that she was done eating hers so I ate mine really fast so we could go and play. When I was done she pulled hers out from behind a lamp ( I know, what a bitch). Another time after we made our first communion she convinced me that we should moon the video camera. On the count of three I mooned the camera and she only pretended too. I sobbed in my bedroom for half the party.
This little gem is sweet revenge :) 

One night we were drinking wine and Danielle put on this little ditty. White Sketchers, Tapered Riders, red belly shirt, Reebok wind breaker. She was getting ready for a night at Gibsons (Gibsons Gibsons ugh ugh Dollar Bud nights ugh ugh)

I don't know when this is from but I thought I would throw it in for fun

Erin, Danielle and I at Church Street in Burlington. Danielle almost did not make it with us. Lets just say she was feeling a little under the weather...self induced.. She still photographed really well

Wasn't that fun???? We will have to see what Danielle thinks :)


  1. I heart this (minus the sweet blazer pic)!!!!

  2. Love you guys, and it's been so nice watching you grow into beautiful young women. I remember the 1st communion story well, think I may have been there!

  3. I heart this tooo!!! 1) because of that sweet sweet blazer! And 2) love that I got put in there toooooo :) heheee