A wedding, a mini moon and a giant earlobe

I cant believe it has taken me so long to get this post up. Bad Ash. Anyway, here is a recap of our weekend.

First Stink and Schmoop spent the weekend in Ticonderoga with their GeGe and Poppy. According to all parties involved, Blake was wonderful, well behaved, good on the potty, ate a ton. Lo had a little bit of a harder time, maybe because he was cutting teeth or maybe he just missed his Mom. Either way they were both good and Michael and I were very happy to hear that.

After dropping them off we headed down to Schenectady to start our weekend. First up, WEDDING! We checked into our hotel, Michael hopped into bed and I was able to spend some time with my friend Ashley while she was getting ready for her big day. I think the key to enjoying your wedding day is to not get stressed out, try not to get too nervous and enjoy every minute. Ash didn't seem nervous at all, just excited.
Here is a list of some of the things I liked best:
1. I loved how cute her boys looked in their tuxes. So handsome. Babies in tuxes are the cutest thing ever. While I still think having our boys at our wedding would have been a mess, her kids were so cute and I cant wait to see more pictures of them.
2. The food was so good. I only wished that I had eaten more of it. Especially the pasta. and the cake.
3. Open bar-  (insert dry heaving twice in the bathroom.... I made sure I was alone- I have a little class).
4. Watching one of my best friends get married... oh and the weather was perfect!
There was a videographer who may or may not have caught some of my sweet moves on video. The day I watch that video will be the most embarrassing day of my life. Michael has already said that he never wants to watch it. Oh man. I'm kind of embarrassed already. Anyway, the wedding was great. I ended the night with a bowl of easy mac and some fig newtons in the hotel lobby.
Michael and I at our first wedding as a married couple- Is it just me or am I looking a bit greasy?

Bride and Groom

If this is the beginning of anything video related its gonna be trouble. Also WHY do my legs always look to be the color of a glass of milk. ew.

The next day Michael and I took the most awkwarddddd cab ride of our lives. We got picked up at the hotel and had to take about a 3 mile ride to the wedding venue to pick up our car. The driver looked to be about 9 years old. I am not kidding. He didn't look like a little person but more like a freckle faced boy I could have graduated 5th grade with. The seat was so close to the steering wheel I could have made my body look like a capital L and still had room. He did about 70 mph the entire ride. At one point he pulled over to "stop at a store real quick" where he picked up some GPC's and a couple waters. when he got out of the car we saw that his red shades matched his red tee and his little red sneakers. Then as he continued driving he pulled out and began texting on his miniature red blackberry. this was his ring tone in case you were wondering. We seriously thought we were getting Punked. I wish we were because at least then it would have made some sense. So weird.

Anywho... We then got in our car and went to breakfast with my parents and sister. Sunday was also Fathers Day and anyone who read my last post knows I <3 my Dad (awwwww). Actually while this is true Michael and I love a free meal and I wanted to get some new pics for the blog. The Marriot was perfect for an impromptu photo shoot and Laura and I were not about to let the opportunity pass. My father specifically stated he DID NOT want me to post them on my Facebook. Which was fine because Laura did. He did not say anything about my blog however....

Haha good times. Michael and I spent the rest of Sunday at Lake George. First we took a 2 hour nap in our hotel room which was very necessary. We walked around the village, went to a few outlets, had dinner at The Olive Garden and bought the boys hats and t-shirts.
The next day we went to Great Escape. It was fun. We went on the Boomerang first and I thought I was gonna die. I have been on that ride before so I don't know what the big deal was but I was swea-ty! Every other ride hailed easy in comparison though.
 I really wanted one of those cartoon caricatures of Michael and I but I guess they don't have them anymore. Sighhhh... why would they ever stop selling those?? The Lazy River or whatever its called was also closed which was annoying because I really wanted to just relax with Michael and do that, instead we went on all the water slides which was the exact opposite of relaxing. Here we are on that ride that takes you across the park veryyyy slowlllyyyy
I don't know why I have rabbit teeth almost all my pictures these days.

All in all it was a great mini honey moon. lol. When you have two babies it doesn't matter if you are15 minutes from home. If you are away, you are away and that is all that matters.
Tuesday when we got home I attempted to weed whack.... I got bit by something in the ear and now my lobes are 2 different sizes. I hope it goes back down soon. Also I just asked  Blake what he was doing and he said " I'm in my room... Oh Christ!" Time to start self editing.....


  1. You make me smile each time you post!!!!!!!

  2. LOVE your blog sooo much! Glad you all had a GREAT weekend, nice pix!