WIWW and a short rant

This is me today (whole outfit Target- flip flops Old Navy). So exciting right? no treallly (does anyone remember this quote besides me and my sister??) Notice anything different?? probably not.
I got highlights!!!
I cant decide if I like them or not. First of all the price to get your hair done in Up Upstate New York is out of control. It pisses me off. I have been staring at myself since yesterday trying to decide if I like them or not. I feel like for what I paid I should love them. Anyway from now on I am driving myself to Albany when I want my hair done. It is a better price and a better job. sighhhhhhhhhhh
 (not that anyone cares about this topic but the opportunity to vent was there so I took it, plus I don't have anything else to write about today) 
In other breaking news Blake has 9 stickers on his chart and has been accident free all day.

Make sure you come back and visit me tomorrow... I have an idea and I think its going to be fu-hun!!! 


  1. Umm I opened it and thought this pic was me.. Kind of looks like my face I think