"Zip it Buck Rogers"

You wanna know what's awesome?
When you decide to make a special snack for your kids for after dinner.
So you google "easiest peanut butter cookies recipe" and this comes up:
1 cup sugar
1 cup peanut butter
1 egg
Mix together, spoon onto cooking sheet, bake at 350 for 9 minutes.
So you make sure you have all the ingredients..
Sugar in the cabinet.... check
Peanut butter.... always check
1egg....carton in the fridge check
You deposit the peanut butter and sugar in a bowl and open the egg carton only to find this:

Except its just an empty broken eggshell....
And then you remember that Michael had an egg sandwich today. He must have used the last egg and then put it back in the fridge....
So you try to use milk as a replacement because the only applesauce you have is strawberry flavored.
And the spoonfuls you put on the cookie sheet are more like cakey clumps.
And they never rise and they never bake and your 3 year old comes out and says he wants a cookie but its just warm clumps of milky peanut butter sugar.

So you give him a lollipop instead....

And secretly your happy the cookies were a disaster because you have to be the winner of The Biggest Loser Porter edition. And if the milk idea did work you would've already been 7 or 8 cookies deep.

I hope you are ready for weigh in on Tuesday Michael...
Because all the stars are aligning in my favor...
I hope you are ready.

Oh and  can anyone guess where this post title is from? Its what's on at the Porter's right now!!


Ohhh Friday....

How you feel like any other day of the week to me. Except that there is no good TV on. Soooo lets watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on DVR. I cant stop. The dresses, the makeup, the dancing, the spray tans, the cakes. I have a million questions. I kinda want to be a gypsy.... Just for like a week.

Moving alongggggg..... I have been trying to rid my living room of all the brown. So here is what I came up with to start.

This wall used to have plain brown metal frame art on it. We had them behind our bed when we lived in our apartment and Michael was always scared they were going to fall and take his life.
So they have been retired for now. Looking closer...

This picture is so blurry. How annoying. Anyway, I made the bird art on the top and I got the idea from this Blue Cricket Design. She did them on two canvases with no frames, but I needed color. For the bottom frame I spray painted, distressed and hot glued a piece of jute to the back. Then I just clipped a picture of Michael and I up with little clips.

These are awesome right?? I got the idea from little miss momma. I am hesitant to even share her with you because I love her blog so much and I am selfish... But you would have found it anyway and sharing is caring.

This is just random stuff. The star I have had forever. The frame is spray painted some color from Krylon and the white box with the heart used to be a blue sign that had the keep calm and carry on quote on it. Buttttt someone (Co(me)Ugh) tried to spray paint the frame around it white and ruined the whole thing....
Thus the heart box was made....

I know I am not even close to an awwwww factor but I like it and I think the colors make my living room happier. I am going to try a different link up tonight...Tatertots and Jello :)

Ok I am going to go make peanut butter toast and go to bed...
I know what you are all thinking... Wow I wish I was home making toast on a Friday night blogging about pictures on my living room wall and watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding...
well friends, we can't all be so lucky ;)


Most depressing throwback Thursday

When did this:

Grow into this:

And don't even get me started on when this:

Turned into this:

Currently crying like a sissy... If you need me I'll be building a time machine in my garage.


say what?????

Maybe this is awful... But some days this is my favorite part....

 Notice the wet bottle mark around his face? I think someone might have a hard time giving up the bottle...
God I just wanna squuuuueeeezzzee those cheekies
This was after Blake told me all yesterday "I not taking a nap". He fell out at 4:00. Today he didn't even make it to the ottoman. Passed out on the hard floor.

I know some people say I wouldn't trade being a stay at home mom for anything in the world... I don't (and judge me if you must) necessarily feel that way at all. Its funny that when you have two kids getting a job and doing something with your hard earned degree (that you are still paying monthly for) isn't even worth it because day care would be your whole check. And when I say funny, I mean disgusting.
Most days I am perfectly happy to be home... But then there are days like these and I am running to the classifieds.

I know they are going to only be babies for so long and when I look back I will be so happy that I was home with them... but some days.... Some days I tell yah....

Also Ill leave you with this....

Blake and I were doing laundry today when he picked my bra off the floor and asked me if my boobies were dirty....

wah wah wahhhh :)


Got any Cheese???????

Also... Sunday we had a barbecue at our house. Being a stay at home mom it is hard to find a reason to dress up (translation: shower and put makeup on). I got these shorts from my sister and decided to try them. At first I felt very much like Steve Urkel (Not to be confused with his cousin Stefan Urkel). So here I am trying out some high waisted shorts.... They were very comfortable and slimming. Two enthusiastic thumbs up:) Also if you cant tell I am in love with Picasa... Its free and you can crop and edit your pictures.... I love warmifying myself ...

How do people take pictures of themselves? My camera always gets in the way :)

Here I am.... Steve Urkel status

Grill Master

Me and the boo boo

Big Stink

Look at all the kids in the pool.. notice none of them are Blake. He hates the pool. He will ONLY go in the little dragon pool... sighh

three amigas (this is right because we are all girls correct? 6 years of spanish later...)

Dad and Stink
Also I will be linking up my Family Matters ensemble at Momma Go Round... For the life of me I have no idea how to add her button on my post... Her blog is fun tho.. You can see it here.

The Biggest err Loser???

Because vacation is approaching Michael and I have decided to do The Biggest Loser Porter Edition lol.... If you have read my blog you can see that I am really good at coming up with ideas to get healthy and lose weight... I also never follow through with any of them... Any of them... This is nothing new. I quit dance when I was 7 before my first recital, I quit the clarinet in 4th grade before my first concert, I immediately  "withdrew" (college word for quit) a boxing class in college because I thought I had signed up for Tae bo, and then they pulled out tape for my hands and tried to make me punch a medicine ball... I'm a natural born quitter. I think its in my blood.

I am hoping this project will yield better results. First it is only a few weeks, second I am going up against Michael and who doesn't love a little husband/wife competition? (BTW it still feels weird to call him my husband). We haven't decided if there will be a "prize" for this biggest loser. But if he wins he will probably make me mow the lawn, And that is NOT happening... Have you seen our lawn?? Its ginormous.

This picture has nothing to do with The Biggest Loser... But its the most recent of the two of us...

Anyway you better get ready Michael. Cause its on!


lets go to the beach boys

Lets go to the beach boys and play in the sand...

Lets go to the beach boys and play with our friends...

Lets go to the beach boys and eat lots of snacks...

Lets go to the beach boys and take family pics...

Lets drive home from the beach boys and take a little nap...

Lets come home from the beach boys eat dinner and relax...

Sometimes I get sad that they are growing up so fast.
But then I remember how lucky I am to be part of it all...
and in the words of Olivia's Mom...
 " You really wear me out... But I love you anyway"
(forever <3)


Throwback Thursday

Some big things are going on this weekend... And I am going to miss them :(

First up two very important people will be celebrating their high school graduation.
I <3 these two...
And what would a celebration like high school graduation be without a trip down memory lane???

So without further ado....

My cousin Morgan:
Haha so cute. Once when Morgan was about this age I was at my Aunt Kathy's house and Morgan was having a fit..It was hilarious (at the time anyway... If Blake pulled that fit now.. not so much) anyway, I don't know what she wanted but my Aunt was not giving it to her. Morgan was yelling at my Aunt but she couldn't really talk yet so it was all gibberish... Until in the middle of the melt down she screamed in perfect english "I just peed right there". Right there was on the kitchen floor.... She was swiftly put into her bedroom.

We also went on vacation one summer and Morgan wore the same dress every.single.day.

Second is this guy... My cousin Jeremy:

This picture cracks me up. Sometimes I think Blake looks like Jeremy.... so of course I think he is the cutest thing. Once my Aunt had my mother babysit Jeremy ( I think he was like 1 1/2) she brought some Barney and Friends video tapes and told my mom that there was a potato sack race in one of the videos that was in fast motion (is there such a thing?). This part of the video scared Jeremy and would make him cry.... My mother played that specific part of the video many times during the duration of his time at our house.
No denying it...I remember it specifically.... anywayyyy...

Congratulations guys!!! Wish I could be there to celebrate... Now go out and do BIG things!!!

The 2nd big happening is Rensselaer High School class of 2001 Ten Year Reunion:

I loved high school. It was so fun. Especially my senior year. I think there were like 40 of us total. Its funny how much can change in ten years. People who I may not have been as close to in high school I consider to be some of my best friends now... and people who I thought I would be friends with forever, I'm just not. All that aside... Everyone have fun Saturday night. And have a cocktail for me....:)
Here are some special throwbacks...
Senior trip to the Poconos...yes the Poconos. There are so many whys in this picture:
1) Why are my pants so high waisted?? I think they were LEI khaki's... enough said.
2) clearly small  framed glasses were what was in style....
3) The side bang had not made its way to the Poconos...
all that aside...We were cute back then :)
Numero uno favorite teacher of all time. Clearly judging by this photo I wanted to marry him. Why else would I be holding a bouquet of plastic flowers, why were there props on hand for this photo????
So many questions.
 Once when we were planning our senior prom and we wanted to spend more money on God knows what, Hoffman told a story about going on vacation with his family and having a limo pick them up from the airport. Basically, his point was if you are spending a lot of money on something like a vacation (or prom) , what's the big difference if you spend a little more to make it extra special. I have taken this logic with me throughout my life and have subsequently been over spending since high school.
I also constantly cleaned his desk my senior year of high school....
(and I clearly loved a high waist)

Last one. Senior prom. This photo was kind of ruined during the mini flood we had.
Ahhhhh so young.... The conversation I would have with 17 year old me now if I had the chance...


Thirty before 30

I thought this was going to be much harder. It came really easy actually. You can tell by looking at my list that I am not a risk taker. I don't need to travel to Bali or bungee jump or anything like that. Just a list of things I hope I can get done in the next 2 years and 2 months.. Really only 2 years and 2 months.... scaryyyyyy.. So here they are in no particular order....

1.  Take my 1st trip on an airplane
2.   Eat at a schmancy restaurant
3.   Learn to sew
4.   Professional photo shoot with my family
5.  Watch The Goonies
6.   Do whatever my kids want for a whole day
7.   Pay off one student loan
8.   Start a regular exercise plan
9.   Move back to Albany... this one isn't really up to me but if its on my list maybe I can will it to happen
10. Get a specialty massage..like laying in mud or a seaweed massage or one with the hot rocks
11. To decide 100% if I am done having babies. When I hit 30 I am completely done having babies. I am like 80/20 right now.
12. Save $10,000.00
13. Have 300 followers on Stink&Schmoop
14. Try Saki
15. Do something extra special for Michael
16. Get my kids baptised
17. Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry
18. Go away for a weekend with just my mother and sister
19. Watch my Dad skydive
20. Sit in the audience of any show
21. Be 100% comfortable in my own skin
22. Buy a SLR camera
23. Learn to refinish furniture
24. IKEA!!!!
25. Read 2 books a month minimum
26. Buy stock in something... probably Target
27. Get an IPhone... Instagram app anyone??
28. Have all 4 of us dress up as something together for Halloween (ohhh the possibilities)
29. Go dancing with Michael where no one knows who we are
30. Get a makeover at the MAC counter

*** After writing this I took a shower and thought of like 5 more things I want to do. I am going to focus on these for now... and if anyone has any suggestions or additions I'm all ears. Also please revert back to #13. Tell all your friends how witty I am (toot! toot!) and then make them follow S&S. Thanks.

Also.... Here is my day in pictures.... Well the kids day

Mom take my picture... Cheeeeeese

Logan stop being so happy

Much better little lou lou

haha Oh mom you are so funny

Blake in his Halloween Costume from his 2nd Halloween

Like their outfits???