Attention K-Mart Shoppers

We have tried going out to eat with our kids a bunch of times and every time we go out by the time the meal is over our stress level is at a 10. Blake hates to sit still for that amount of time. Three crayons and a picture of an ice cream cone is not going to cut it for an hour and a half with that kid.  He likes to be freeeeee. Logan doesn't like to wait 30 minutes for his food. He wants it when he wants it. He is usually ready to go 15 minutes after we get there and will let the entire restaurant know it. Neither of them ever finish their food, half the time Blake doesn't even look at his dinner. Its just a giant mess and a waste of money.

Last night we were trying to decide what to do with the kids as they had been in the house pretty much all day. So I made everyone go to the library (muahahahaha so evil). Blake got three new books (One being The old lady that swallowed a fly. Its becoming a quick favorite). When we were done we were trying to decide what to do for dinner. I didn't want to spend a lot of money and I wanted to get something we would all eat. Soooooooo guess where we went???

We went to K-Mart!

Baaaaaahahahhhaaha yes I said K-Mart. Up here there is a Little Caesars in K-Mart and you can get a pepperoni pizza, crazy bread, crazy sauce and 3 drinks for $14.00. We had so much fun. First it didn't matter how loud the kids were, and they were loud. We sat in a back corner and Blake and Logan tried their first ICEE. We were there for a pretty long time and the kids were good. At one point during dinner I started laughing to myself... Michael asked if I was laughing because we were out to dinner at K-Mart and he was spot on. Gone are the days of fine dining.... I don't even want to bring my kids to Unos.
 Here are some pictures:

 Stop Numero Uno: The Lib.


 A Little ICEE before dinner. I tried to take this picture in a series but I never read my cameras instruction manual so I had no idea what I was doing

                                                               The ICEE was a hit!!!

And we ended the night at Red Box!!!! We rented the Dilemma with Kevin James and VinceVaughn. If you watch this movie DO NOT have high expectations. It was mehhh there were like 7 little funny parts, that was it.

I really dropped the ball with my Throwback Thursday this week. It'll be back next week in all its glory...

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