The Biggest err Loser???

Because vacation is approaching Michael and I have decided to do The Biggest Loser Porter Edition lol.... If you have read my blog you can see that I am really good at coming up with ideas to get healthy and lose weight... I also never follow through with any of them... Any of them... This is nothing new. I quit dance when I was 7 before my first recital, I quit the clarinet in 4th grade before my first concert, I immediately  "withdrew" (college word for quit) a boxing class in college because I thought I had signed up for Tae bo, and then they pulled out tape for my hands and tried to make me punch a medicine ball... I'm a natural born quitter. I think its in my blood.

I am hoping this project will yield better results. First it is only a few weeks, second I am going up against Michael and who doesn't love a little husband/wife competition? (BTW it still feels weird to call him my husband). We haven't decided if there will be a "prize" for this biggest loser. But if he wins he will probably make me mow the lawn, And that is NOT happening... Have you seen our lawn?? Its ginormous.

This picture has nothing to do with The Biggest Loser... But its the most recent of the two of us...

Anyway you better get ready Michael. Cause its on!


  1. I like this idea! I think ill see if David wants to do this to. Thanks!

  2. Goodluck darlin! Hope you win!! :o) You got this!!