Got any Cheese???????

Also... Sunday we had a barbecue at our house. Being a stay at home mom it is hard to find a reason to dress up (translation: shower and put makeup on). I got these shorts from my sister and decided to try them. At first I felt very much like Steve Urkel (Not to be confused with his cousin Stefan Urkel). So here I am trying out some high waisted shorts.... They were very comfortable and slimming. Two enthusiastic thumbs up:) Also if you cant tell I am in love with Picasa... Its free and you can crop and edit your pictures.... I love warmifying myself ...

How do people take pictures of themselves? My camera always gets in the way :)

Here I am.... Steve Urkel status

Grill Master

Me and the boo boo

Big Stink

Look at all the kids in the pool.. notice none of them are Blake. He hates the pool. He will ONLY go in the little dragon pool... sighh

three amigas (this is right because we are all girls correct? 6 years of spanish later...)

Dad and Stink
Also I will be linking up my Family Matters ensemble at Momma Go Round... For the life of me I have no idea how to add her button on my post... Her blog is fun tho.. You can see it here.


  1. You are the cutest, prettiest Steve Urkel ever! ;) I think this ensemble looks awesome. You are adorable! Love your sense of humor through your words. Found you on RMRS!


  2. Steve Urkel? No Way! You look hot hot hot! I wish I could pull off high waisted shorts look!