mom and dad visit and a smidgen of pictures from tonight

My Mom and Dad and their dog Riley came up yesterday and spent the night with us. It was so nice.  We hung out in the backyard swimming, reading magazines, watching the boys run through the sprinkler, ordered chicken wing pizza, walked the neighborhood and then today we went to the beach.

I know what your thinking.. First, thanks for sharing every. single. thing. you guys did....and also where are the pictures?? Funny you should ask, they are all on my mothers camera and I forgot to download them before they left. There were good ones too. Oh well definitely next time.

Only picture from my parents visit

Wanna know why I have the best sister? This is why! :) 

hi LoLo

Blakey on his scooter

Blake got bit by a bug at the beach and the kid is def allergic. His left ear was so floppy :(

Logan dropped Blakes dinner on the ground but it was NBD because guess who likes eating like a dog???


a little cotton candy ice cream

Clearly Logan wanted Blake's ice cream haha. He loved this spoon so much he took a bath with it.
True story.

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