say what?????

Maybe this is awful... But some days this is my favorite part....

 Notice the wet bottle mark around his face? I think someone might have a hard time giving up the bottle...
God I just wanna squuuuueeeezzzee those cheekies
This was after Blake told me all yesterday "I not taking a nap". He fell out at 4:00. Today he didn't even make it to the ottoman. Passed out on the hard floor.

I know some people say I wouldn't trade being a stay at home mom for anything in the world... I don't (and judge me if you must) necessarily feel that way at all. Its funny that when you have two kids getting a job and doing something with your hard earned degree (that you are still paying monthly for) isn't even worth it because day care would be your whole check. And when I say funny, I mean disgusting.
Most days I am perfectly happy to be home... But then there are days like these and I am running to the classifieds.

I know they are going to only be babies for so long and when I look back I will be so happy that I was home with them... but some days.... Some days I tell yah....

Also Ill leave you with this....

Blake and I were doing laundry today when he picked my bra off the floor and asked me if my boobies were dirty....

wah wah wahhhh :)


  1. LOL!!! It's not a cliche - kids DO say the darnedest things!!! <3

  2. couldnt agree with this posr more! :)