some people.....

I am so mad. I missed my post on On The Edge... It was posted on 7/6 and while some people thought my (well Blake's) story was funny others had a problem with me using the word vagina because I wasn't being anatomically correct. Whatever. Those people need to get a life. The story was for a quick laugh. Way to dissect it down to the word.

You know where I wouldn't mind kicking these people right?? ;)

You can see what people wrote here.


  1. I shook my head at that as well....I thought the post was hysterical, but you know how those commenters are at OTE. lol

  2. My thought exactly...people need to get a life. It was a funny post and it received good comments!

  3. People's OTE comments always amaze me. Like get a sense of humor. Did you guys read the one about the braille on ATM's.. People were so mad... I thought it was funny.

  4. Yea, saw that one, people were ready to lynch her!!! I thought it was funny too, because really, why is it there? lol