Summer reading

I just got done reading Stink the most ridiculous book ever. 
This book was the biggest waste of 15 minutes. Walter gets sold for $10 by his owner at a yard sale to an old guy who dresses up like a clown, makes Walter blow up balloons with his toots and then robs a bank with dog gas filled balloons...(are you still awake?) 
Apparently there is a whole series of Walter the Farting Dog books. We got this one for 50 cents at a yard sale. I think I want a refund. These will without a doubt be Blake's favorite books in like a year... He is obsessed with toots (I hate the word fart).

Right now it is 9:10 PM and Blake is wide awake slamming things around in his room... Time to go Super Nanny on em....

I have also committed to reading Room and am already stressed out. I am going to read the whole Janet Evanovich series after this to try and decompress. I am also open to any and all suggestions for easy summer reading. After this book, I'm gonna need it.

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