Thirty before 30

I thought this was going to be much harder. It came really easy actually. You can tell by looking at my list that I am not a risk taker. I don't need to travel to Bali or bungee jump or anything like that. Just a list of things I hope I can get done in the next 2 years and 2 months.. Really only 2 years and 2 months.... scaryyyyyy.. So here they are in no particular order....

1.  Take my 1st trip on an airplane
2.   Eat at a schmancy restaurant
3.   Learn to sew
4.   Professional photo shoot with my family
5.  Watch The Goonies
6.   Do whatever my kids want for a whole day
7.   Pay off one student loan
8.   Start a regular exercise plan
9.   Move back to Albany... this one isn't really up to me but if its on my list maybe I can will it to happen
10. Get a specialty massage..like laying in mud or a seaweed massage or one with the hot rocks
11. To decide 100% if I am done having babies. When I hit 30 I am completely done having babies. I am like 80/20 right now.
12. Save $10,000.00
13. Have 300 followers on Stink&Schmoop
14. Try Saki
15. Do something extra special for Michael
16. Get my kids baptised
17. Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry
18. Go away for a weekend with just my mother and sister
19. Watch my Dad skydive
20. Sit in the audience of any show
21. Be 100% comfortable in my own skin
22. Buy a SLR camera
23. Learn to refinish furniture
24. IKEA!!!!
25. Read 2 books a month minimum
26. Buy stock in something... probably Target
27. Get an IPhone... Instagram app anyone??
28. Have all 4 of us dress up as something together for Halloween (ohhh the possibilities)
29. Go dancing with Michael where no one knows who we are
30. Get a makeover at the MAC counter

*** After writing this I took a shower and thought of like 5 more things I want to do. I am going to focus on these for now... and if anyone has any suggestions or additions I'm all ears. Also please revert back to #13. Tell all your friends how witty I am (toot! toot!) and then make them follow S&S. Thanks.

Also.... Here is my day in pictures.... Well the kids day

Mom take my picture... Cheeeeeese

Logan stop being so happy

Much better little lou lou

haha Oh mom you are so funny

Blake in his Halloween Costume from his 2nd Halloween

Like their outfits???


  1. Thanks for following my blog! What a beautiful family you have! :) Erin


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