Throw back Thursday... kinda

Sometimes when I am bored I am inclined to try and help enrich others lives. A few years ago on a rather slow day at my job I was listening to the radio when I heard a commercial for, and I quote, "Win a date with Mraz" contest. Singles in the Albany area were instructed to go to the radios website and fill out a series of questions with a picture. Then they would all be read and 5 guys and 5 girls would be chosen.

Their "profiles" would be posted and then everyone who went to the website could vote for how the couples would be matched up and then they would get to go on a date and listen to Jason Mraz sing this song and subsequently fall in love.

I was already in love (awww) so this ad meant nothing for me personally. However, I do have an attractive younger sister who was single and who I knew  wouldn't mind being humiliated would be up for the challenge.

I put more effort into those questions than any one college class/project/exam my entire 4.5 years of college... yes 4.5. Plus, with the invention of facebook I had a plethora of photos to attach to the profile. I found one that I felt would make her a shoo-in and sent it in. Then I waited....

2 days later I got a phone call from Laura. She had just gotten a voicemail from Bryan Cody telling her that she had been chosen for win a date with Mraz. In my head I remember it going something like this:

Laura: So. You'll never believe who I just got a phone call from. Bryan Cody from Fly 92 saying I was entered into a radio station dating contest. They loved my profile and the whole Capital District can read all my business and vote for who I should fall in love with. Do YOU know anything about this?

Me: Wow a dating contest? That seems kinda desperate. Why don't you just go to the bar like everyone else?

Laura: Seriously.

Me: Welllllll I may have had a little something to do with it. Or everything to do with it. You never know the love of your life could be one of those 5 contenders.

Laura: I hate you.

But she did it. And it was NOT love at first sight or any sight for that matter. Her date was as tall as my mom.

But we will always have the memory. I mean who doesn't <3 <3???

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