Throwback Thursday

Some big things are going on this weekend... And I am going to miss them :(

First up two very important people will be celebrating their high school graduation.
I <3 these two...
And what would a celebration like high school graduation be without a trip down memory lane???

So without further ado....

My cousin Morgan:
Haha so cute. Once when Morgan was about this age I was at my Aunt Kathy's house and Morgan was having a fit..It was hilarious (at the time anyway... If Blake pulled that fit now.. not so much) anyway, I don't know what she wanted but my Aunt was not giving it to her. Morgan was yelling at my Aunt but she couldn't really talk yet so it was all gibberish... Until in the middle of the melt down she screamed in perfect english "I just peed right there". Right there was on the kitchen floor.... She was swiftly put into her bedroom.

We also went on vacation one summer and Morgan wore the same dress every.single.day.

Second is this guy... My cousin Jeremy:

This picture cracks me up. Sometimes I think Blake looks like Jeremy.... so of course I think he is the cutest thing. Once my Aunt had my mother babysit Jeremy ( I think he was like 1 1/2) she brought some Barney and Friends video tapes and told my mom that there was a potato sack race in one of the videos that was in fast motion (is there such a thing?). This part of the video scared Jeremy and would make him cry.... My mother played that specific part of the video many times during the duration of his time at our house.
No denying it...I remember it specifically.... anywayyyy...

Congratulations guys!!! Wish I could be there to celebrate... Now go out and do BIG things!!!

The 2nd big happening is Rensselaer High School class of 2001 Ten Year Reunion:

I loved high school. It was so fun. Especially my senior year. I think there were like 40 of us total. Its funny how much can change in ten years. People who I may not have been as close to in high school I consider to be some of my best friends now... and people who I thought I would be friends with forever, I'm just not. All that aside... Everyone have fun Saturday night. And have a cocktail for me....:)
Here are some special throwbacks...
Senior trip to the Poconos...yes the Poconos. There are so many whys in this picture:
1) Why are my pants so high waisted?? I think they were LEI khaki's... enough said.
2) clearly small  framed glasses were what was in style....
3) The side bang had not made its way to the Poconos...
all that aside...We were cute back then :)
Numero uno favorite teacher of all time. Clearly judging by this photo I wanted to marry him. Why else would I be holding a bouquet of plastic flowers, why were there props on hand for this photo????
So many questions.
 Once when we were planning our senior prom and we wanted to spend more money on God knows what, Hoffman told a story about going on vacation with his family and having a limo pick them up from the airport. Basically, his point was if you are spending a lot of money on something like a vacation (or prom) , what's the big difference if you spend a little more to make it extra special. I have taken this logic with me throughout my life and have subsequently been over spending since high school.
I also constantly cleaned his desk my senior year of high school....
(and I clearly loved a high waist)

Last one. Senior prom. This photo was kind of ruined during the mini flood we had.
Ahhhhh so young.... The conversation I would have with 17 year old me now if I had the chance...


  1. Awww lil Morgan!!! Love it!!! I wont be able to make that party either this weekend :(

  2. <3 <3 <3! Also, did you happen to check out the color of Crystal's skin in our prom pic? HOLY TAN!

  3. LOVE this post!!!....we look so little :( apparently i was bringing kiss tees back?!? LOL