To tuck or not to tuck??

I started the day with this shirt untucked...and with different shorts on... and with no jewelry on... I have zero fashion sense. But I want to learn... So while learning I will take pictures of myself (you are all so lucky) and post them here. If its gross tell me and Ill never do it again. If its good tell me and Ill do it every single day. I used to be able to just ask my sister but I live to far away now.

Soooo should I ask myself what WWJD (what would Joel do?) and tuck?? Or should I just say no??
Oh, I also made some other minor notes to myself... you know just friendly reminders....

oh and don't even mention my roots.....

I figured I would attempt to get other people who I dont know to tell me if they like my picture.. and this is my first link party... here.. and I'm nervous... why I don't know.


  1. Oh, don't be nervous. You look great and I think it would be great untucked too. Hope you link up again next week. BTW-fun blog! :)


  2. I love the outfit and your hair!! And welcome to linking up :).

    Hopefully, no total strangers will say anything bad about your pics because they're great.

    I followed you here from Real Momma, Real Style.

    My Winnie the Pooh Adventure

  3. Thanks Ladies... I dont know why I was so nervous. Everyone has been so nice so far.. Hopefully Ill have the nerve to do it again next week!!! :)

    Ash <3

  4. Cute outfit, love the baby blue on you! Hope you have a great week! Visiting from RMRS

  5. Cute tank and I like it tucked. I think a belt might look good too.
    LOL'd at your notes!!
    visiting from RMRS.
    p.s. I tucked my shirt in too, ;)