What are yah doing????

- Looking furiously for our living room remote control. Its been missing for several days which means I can't watch my DVR... Which also means the kids cant watch DVR which means my go-to time to relax, be quiet and leave mommy alone for 30 minutes Caillou episodes are unobtainable.

- Trying to get myself to read this book... Its narrated by a 5 year old boy who is being held captive in a room with his mother. He was born in the room so he treats everything in the room like it is alive.  I probably would be much further if the woman at the library wasn't like" I was going to take this book out but I don't know if I can read it- something about a boy being held captive doesn't sit right with me"... Well jeez lady it definitely sits right with me that's why I'm taking it out... Does the idea of a boy and his mom being held captive sit right with anyone?? Now I'm stressed out about reading it, like it could give me nightmares. Has anyone else read this book?

- Trying to make my living room less brown. I cant take it anymore. The room REALLY needs some color. I had a very eventful Saturday night of moving everything I own around, spray painting and searching the Internet for inspiration (super exciting, I know)

-And of course hanging out with these guys:

 Not just anyone could pull this pajama combo off
 Logan eating waffles... He was in a trance watching Blues Clues... Not. even. blinking.
 I HATE THIS SWORD!!! We went to a yard sale on Saturday and you could fill a bag for $2. Blake was going crazy which was fine by me... However, had I known this light sabre was going to turn him into a samurai I would have made him leave it.. All I hear is "ha he ha hiya ya he ha ha" That will be taking a trip to the garbage can as soon as nap time arrives.
 So cute and up to no good. He bit Blake so hard on the butt last night he left a mark and Blake cried until he got a band aid... and when I tried to tell him "no biting" he laughed, hysterically.
 cold juice
 okay... get the camera out of my face
How sweet and innocent.... ha he hi hiyah ha he ha.. This was also right after he dipped his finger in melted hot candle wax....

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