Why dont I have 20 followers yet?

Ughhhh I know it shouldn't stress me out but it does. I am on my 51st post and I have 9 followers. If you read my blog and you follow it and you like it you should def be a follower. It will make me so happy and maybe when I get to 20 I will do something extra special for you. Because I'm a nice person. And I want more followers.
So yes I am bribing you all. I see people do it all the time on blogs. Its nothing new.

Anywhoooo we found out that Michael is going to have nine days off in August so we are all planning on going to Rhode Island. dad, mom, Laura, Ashley, Michael, Blake and Logan. It will be fun and I will take a lot of pictures and I will blog about it. And I will have to take pictures in a bathing suit next to this:

My sister Laura. Notice she is sitting down in this photo and her stomach is still flat. What a bitch (I kid...also this picture is copied from her facebook acct). She is beautiful and thin and stylish. Soooo because I have decided that this blog is going to be a record of my life journey and because I need to start posting more pictures of myself in my posts, record more memories of me with my friends and family, and because this blog is going to help me be a better person I am planning on getting in better shape by the 19th. I want to eat better and try to exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes a day (I know... only 20? But I have to start somewhere) and maybe it will help me get ready for the half marathon I am supposed to be running in October and it sure as hell better make me feel like I look better than this (is this mean, I mean they did make the choice to wear those bikinis??). Also it is important to note that I am typing this with a bowl of chips next to me.
I am actually really excited that we are going to be able to take this trip all together. It will be Logan's first trip to the ocean, Blake's first trip where he understands whats going on, and my sister has never been on vacation with my kids. Its going to be fun.

So here are some pictures of the boys from tonight. Blake is eating a cucumber from one of Michael's co-workers. We ate like 7 cucumbers today. No lie. He also took no nap and passed out at 7. I'm pretty sure Logan was posing for these pictures. Cutest. thing. ever.

Here are some posts I have planned for the upcoming weeks:
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Random crafts
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My book critiques (Just for Laura)
And of course funny stories about Stink and Schmoop (the <3 of my bloggy)


  1. I don't understand why you don't have tons of followers Ash...I love reading your Blog...it makes me laugh out loud and smile the whole time I'm reading. C'mon people be a follower...This Blog is so Entertaining what are you waiting for? Hmmm??

  2. Would love to be a follower, but everytime I hit the link to "be a follower" I get an error message....

  3. oh no.. now Im going to be stressed that people cant follow.... Ill try and figure it out...

  4. I came over from RMRS. I'm too chicken sh** to post a pic, but I def will soon. I have the exact # of followers. I'm going to follow you because you seem pretty funny and we have being young with 2 kids in common. Oh and what's 30 before 30?

  5. I talked to a couple of ppl who said that they read you all the time and love your blog, yet they're not listed as followers...hmmm...I'll have to see what's up with that! Love reading this so much - Thank You!!! XO <3