Ohhhhhh August

Wahhhhhhhhhhhh Summer is over tomorrow.
Well at least I think so. September is Fall to me even if it is 80 degrees. We had a really good summer and I am ready to move forward. I have already put the boys in jeans twice. I forget how cute they look in little carpenter jeans.
Anywho August was A for Awesome.
First my sister Laura and Bunker came to visit! We went to Burlington, Bunker ate a whole bag of treats (eh hem Blake Porter), the boys had a fun day at the park with Michael and were able to see how the Amish get down at the beach...It was interesting to say the least.

Next up Danielle Aura and Erin came and spent a weekend with us!!! We had a little birthday celebration for Erin that we didn't even tell her was a birthday celebration until way into the night, we had a fun filled day of going to yard sales (yes yard sales) and drinks on my porch two nights in a row.

Then we went on vacation!! I couldn't post that we were going on vacation because my Dad thinks that burglar's read my blog and plot to steal our valuables  (two TVs and a desk top computer I am pretty sure would be left behind) when we aren't home.

Someone turned the big 2-9!

When we got home form vacation we also went to Danielle's pig roast which I have zero pictures from.. I bet I would have pictures from ALOT more things if I had an iPhone (just saying). 

Since being back from vacation I have taken about 4 pictures (boo!) I could talk about my need for an iPhone again but I don't want to be repetitive ;)...

Fun things that have happened since we got home from vacation:
School clothes shopping for Blake with GeGe.
Pre-school (Ahhhh!!!!) orientation.
Also my friend Alisha and her family came to visit this past weekend. I don't have any pictures because Rick has a fancy camera that puts mine to shame so I just let him take the pictures all weekend. Blake and Tyler played downstairs during Hurricane Irene for like 8 hours straight. We had an Angry Bird marathon and ordered food from every restaurant in Peru.
Here is some friendly advice about a hurricane. DO NOT wait until the hurricane is 4 miles from your house to decide you need a generator. They will all be sold out and you will have to buy a car battery operated back up sump pump so your basement doesn't flood. It's not fun. Also, do not try to leave your friends house and drive into the eye of a hurricane then think you will just wait it out on the side of the highway. Those things are both bad ideas.

So August was pretty great and I think September will be too! We have a few trips to Albany planned for a special birthday and a wedding, a little guy starting school, and a VERY special birthday (co-ME-ugh).

OK now I have to clean my dumpster house :)


Ill karate chop your face

I hate when people are nasty to my kids.
Especially when someone works in retail and is supposed to be happy and helpful.
This happened today when I was at Famous Footwear.
I'm sorry you hate your job.
You will probably be there forever because you are a miserable botch.
Its been like 7 hours and I am still mad.

Anyway, school shopping for Blake with his GeGe today was fun.
I feel bad sometimes when he really likes something and I have to flat out refuse that he get it.
Like these:

 and then these:

I swear they were for sale at every store...
Probably because no mother would let their son buy them.
Sorry Stink.
You did get some pretty cute Nike's though.

Oh and to the woman at Famous Footwear I better not see you on the street.
That's actually not true at all. I don't even remember what you looked like.
And if I did I would just give you dirty looks as you walked by me with your big fat ass.
But don't be mean to my kid again. Ever.


Back to Business

Now that my summer vacation is over I feel like I am ready to move on to fall. I do get sad when I think that next summer I will have a 4 year old and a 2 year old. So for that reason I would like to hold on to summer for a little while longer but besides that I am ready to move on.

Summer is such a laid back time. I feel like Fall (whether you have kids going back to school or not) is for getting back to business. Yesterday I made myself a schedule of how I ideally see my Monday-Fridays going. It will change a bit on the days Stink has pre-school (which he is super pumped for BTW) but for the most part I REALLY want to stick to it. I do much better when I am on a schedule. I remember when I was in college there was a semester I took 19 credits or something ridiculous like that and it was my best semester. I do best when I am busy and I don't want to turn into a slug come fall and especially  during the winter...
So here it goes!!
Wake up. Have coffee. Get boys breakfast and dressed. One load of laundry, Clean up around the house, play with the boys and TV (Curious George is on at 730 and 8 up here!)
Wake Michael up. Work downstairs. I have 2 per diem jobs and I think that this schedule will help me be a better employee by like 150%. Michael plays with the boys and gives them lunch.
Logan nap- Blake down time
1 PM- 3PM
Blake nap. Clean up. Pay bills. A little blogging. Michael work out and get ready for work
Michael to work. Kids up and have a snack. Boys play together. Get dinner ready
Walk,see friends or go to the park if weather permits. Dinner. Baths. TV. Read. Lo to bed by 730 Blake to bed by 830
830PM- Whenever
Clean up from day.... Enjoy the silence...

I think it looks good and completely doable. I am hoping we can all stick to it!!
Today was day 1 and Logan was up at 4:30 AM and ruined everything.
So we will try again tomorrow.

Stinks school orientation is tonight. Still cant believe he is going to school.. Sighhhh
He's not a baby Stinkerton anymore :(

I am also planning on doing Fall cleaning.. There is way too much unused stuff in this house!!!!


What a week

Wahhhhhhhhh Vacation is officially over.

Ahhhh it was fun while it lasted though. We all had a really good time. Blakey and Lo loved the ocean. It was a week of highs and lows for everyone. If I may...

Joel's high:
Playing in the sand with the sons he always wanted (Blake and Logan)
and a first day of vacation Fribble
Joel's low:
Being a crabby pants about the weather on day one. "(Insert numerous expletives here!!!!!!!!)"

Ellen's high:
Reading smut on not one but two beautiful beach days
Ellen's Low:
red tide in her bathing suit

Michael's high:
Watching Blake on the carousel... He also had an almond joy frozen coffee drink that was soooo good
Michael's low:
Becoming bff with the bathroom on last day and night in RI.. and his smart phone taking a swim in the ocean (wah wahhhhhh)

Laura's high:(Says Laura)
Morning walks on the beach
Laura's low:
DB's at Watch Hill
** This information was received after I wrote my highs and lows... Laura and I have ESP)**

Blake's high:
Puddle jumping, playing in the ocean, riding the carousel and his first visit to a REAL candy store
Blake's low:
Blake had to have a few time outs on vaca.... all for the greater good...

Logan's high:
Starfish lollipop at Watch Hill. He seriously was squealing and screaming and shaking in delight. It was so cute. and his afternoon beach naps.
Logan's Low:
I would have to say without a doubt, Saturday's haircut. You would have thought he was being murdered. Poor Lou Lou. It came out so cute though. Thank you man that cut Logan's hair. I should've tipped you $100. (Anyone looking to get a little boys hair cut should go to Neil's- Baby's first hair cut is free and there is some SERIOUS patience going on in that place.)

Ashley's high:
Great weather, caramel peanut butter cookie dough ice cream, morning walks on the beach for coconut coffee, playing at the ocean and in the rain in the hotel parking lot, watching Blake imitate my Mom "Nooooooooooo", The Crossings with my 3 guys on Friday morning and watching Blake, Logan and Michael swim in my mom's pool.

Ashley's low:
Watch Hill was a high and a low for me. I think the smell of old money is very similar to the smell of douche bag and that place reeked. We were pulling in to park and this guy with the same face as Pee Wee Herman in an orange polo about as tall as Blake with his wife who from where I was sitting looked similar to Barbie and their stroller walked right in front of our car and just put his hand up for us to stop. I hate him. The houses were out. of. control. I would love to take a tour and know all the people's stories, rich people have the most dirt. I would have liked to know the story around the snobby lady sitting next to me while Blake was riding the carousel who didn't even smile at my awesomely awesome boy. I could have slugged her. Right in her perfect veneers.
I loved watching Blake on the carousel though. He took it so seriously and was the cutest one on it all three times he rode. Every time he passed me he said "Hi Mom!!-- Bye Mom!!". It was the cutest. He is still talking about it.
My other low was having to leave my family again. Once I am up here (all 2.5 hours away) I am just fine. We have our house and our friends up here and work and we are busy and we are happy (we really are) but when you get an extended stay and you see lots of your friends you haven't seen in awhile and you meet their new babies and when you spend quality time with your family its hard to leave.
We were ready to come home but it would have been easier (for me at least) if home was closer.

Anyway, here are a shit ton pictures from our week....
Blake getting ready to puddle jump... I personally love this attire

Taking a walk in the pouring rain. I wish my feet weren't too fat for my rain boots.
I def would have had a pair on

Logan enjoying the rain

cutest boots.

day 2. Lets go to the beach!

One of my favorites

When Michael's phone went swimming

beach nap

sherbet cone

the men in my life lol

morning walk... lil schmoop

morning beach walk

baby sand feet

Blake in the sand

apparently the best lollipop ever


Schmoopy in Mema's room

Building castles

haha bff's

another carousel pic

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!


me and the boys

Mom and Schmoop

The Porter Fam i ly (duh nuh nuh nuh snap snap)

last day at the beach wahhhhhh

the 4G's

OK so that's it. Honestly I am a little hesitant putting pictures up of myself in a bikini. In some ways I think its weird. But I warned you pics were coming, and yes I did edit bikini pics with my sister so I would be more tan. Thanks Picasa. I think I will link up this bathing suit picture here...the hell with it :)

Anyone want to teach me how to put a button on a post?? I can't figure it out for the life of me.


winner winner chicken dinner!!!

Congratulations to Ashley commentor #3!!! You won Oliv Knits awesome necklace!!!!

          ashley mcelroy said...
I want I want! She's soo talented!!

Ill get it to you ASAP!!!! Like maybe next time we get the boys together??????


Winner chosen at random.org*****


Random jibberish and a nice guest post at the bottom

FIRST everyone needs to go to my last post and enter to win the giveaway from Erin of Olivknits. Its an awesome necklace and you will kick yourself if you don't try to win it. Then I will kick you. (That's not true- but I will want to) I'll announce a winner Thursday the 18th. Ok? Ok.

Second the name of this post is lame-o.
I feel like I have 600 things to do and it is already 7:11.
I should probably get off the computer.
I wish I had a robot like on the Jetsons.
I also wish that those flat escelators were everywhere like in the Jetsons too.
I went to yard sales today and I only brought $5.
and I made that $5 last for 4 hours. lol. That's is ri.dic.u.lous.
Blake is testing every nerve in my body.
I think every day is opposite day at the Porter's.
He just ran away from me at the speed of light when I tried to take a step stool from him.
Me: " Blake, give me that now"
Blake: "no way Jose"
Now were watching Sid the Science kid.
Sometimes I just want to punch those puppets.

On a MUCH happier note. Jazmin from Our Happily Ever After had me do a guest post on her blog. Watch how I transform a Mcdonalds cup to a vase in no time hahaha. Seriously tho, go HERE right now and read my interview. And yes, the first thing I write about is being born with an extra finger. And you can see my bump if you look at the picture of me holding my camera... hahaha whats wrong with me????
Jazmin was so nice to ask and she seriously bumped my self-esteem a notch or two. I am feeling pre-tty good right now. lol. Seriously tho it was really fun doing an interview. I think I'm ready for Barbara Walters.


Who is ready????????? (for a fun story and a Giveaway!!!!!!)


Remember when I bribed everyone to follow my blog?? Then I said when I got 20 followers I would do something special. Well I reached it and surpassed it by a bit so I am going to give something very awesome to you. Well one of you.

Does anyone else have a friend that is super creative and talented and has the best handwriting and hair and loves your kids and before when you all were single you would get wasted  have cocktails together and you would think you were being really cute in Hoboken and walk in to the bar and walk right into a reflection of yourself (ie into a mirror) and the whole bar would watch and she (and another friend who shall remain nameless) didn't help you, instead just laughed to the point where they were almost peeing in their pants?
Oh you don't??

That sucks.... Lucky for me and you, I do. Her name is Erin and she is helping me celebrate reaching 20 followers with you. This is Erin <3

and THIS is the night of previously discussed mirror incident....
(Currently holding my head in embarrassment)

Looking back it was pretty hilarious...

Anyway, I am getting off topic. Erin designs and sells amazing knits. I know because my boys have all sorts of awesome stuff from her. For example, check out Stink's Mohawk hat from last winter:
Hat from OlivKnits

And Schmoopy's blanket

blanket from Olivknits

Blanket from Olivknits

blanket from Olivknits

Now Erin is branching out into jewelry!!!!

Here is what I love about her jewelry.. I love that the chain is yarn. It makes for the most comfortable necklace, they are nice and light! I love how you could easily dress it up or down. I want one in every color.. (Erin could you get on that?)
If you are interested in contacting Erin about having a special knit made for you (and she will customize for you- cause she is awesome) you can contact her @ erinolivan@gmail.com.
 An Etsy shop is coming soon. God I love Etsy.
Soooooo one of you will be luck enough to win an olivknit necklace... this necklace to be exact:

YIPPEE!!!!! Who
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YAY!!!! Good Luck!!!