Etsy love

Wanna know what I do when I am bored???

Welll I do lots of things I check blogger 700 times, I see if there are any good antiques for sale on Craigs List, read magazines, books, make lists then decide I dont like my handwriting and re-write said list 3 times, I watch tv shows (here is a fun fact- I really dont like watching movies, I find them to be too long and I hate commiting two hours in a row to a movie. I prefer TV shows, short and quick), I exercise............... bahhahahahaha thats funny, I actually am never bored enough to exercise.
My numero uno favorite thing to do when Im bored is search Etsy. It doesnt matter for what. I lu-huve Etsy. People are seriously so talented. It makes me so jealous. Here are some of my recent favorites:

This is the cutest boy bib I have ever seen. Seriously, if you had a new born baby you could throw this bib and a hat on and you would have the cutest halloween cowboy costume.

This would be the best bedroom ever.
(from NouWall)

I see a lot of personalized jewelry. I love it all. This is one of my favorites. I can see Porter initials all over this one.

I think friendly reminders throughout my house would be very helpful.
Both of these would be put to SUPER WORK in our house.
(Top from thebigharumph)
(Bottom from nickagin)

I seriously need to go to bed now. Im beat. 
Throwback Thursday will be back in 2 weeks... hopefully.
Also- Remember when I said that something special would happen when I got to 20 followers?
Well its coming tomorrow. Everyone should tell their friends... Cause its going to be fun!!! 

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