Ill karate chop your face

I hate when people are nasty to my kids.
Especially when someone works in retail and is supposed to be happy and helpful.
This happened today when I was at Famous Footwear.
I'm sorry you hate your job.
You will probably be there forever because you are a miserable botch.
Its been like 7 hours and I am still mad.

Anyway, school shopping for Blake with his GeGe today was fun.
I feel bad sometimes when he really likes something and I have to flat out refuse that he get it.
Like these:

 and then these:

I swear they were for sale at every store...
Probably because no mother would let their son buy them.
Sorry Stink.
You did get some pretty cute Nike's though.

Oh and to the woman at Famous Footwear I better not see you on the street.
That's actually not true at all. I don't even remember what you looked like.
And if I did I would just give you dirty looks as you walked by me with your big fat ass.
But don't be mean to my kid again. Ever.


  1. I cant help it, I think the boots are cute and he loved them!!

  2. That is because you are such a good GeGe letting him try them on and everything. He is still walking around with his book bag!!

  3. Ha ha ha! Jen just bought the black ones for talan.