Oh what a night

Michael and I switched cars today because he needed to get some molding from Lowes. He ended up taking my car to work because the car seats were already in his car and I needed them. So he went to work and I went to Wal-Mart.

On the way home this song came on. After listening to this song with my sister this past weekend (really listening to it, not just making up my own lyrics as I go) I love it. It reminds me of Michael and I. I don't know why. The song doesn't have many parallels to our life but when I listen to it I think of us.

Sooo I'm driving home from Wal-Mart, listening to The Script and for God knows what reason I am getting a little emotional. Thinking of how much I love Michael, how lucky I am, what a good dad and husband he is, how I should stop complaining and nagging so much and how I am going to redeem myself from yesterday's post (sorry again about that friends) and come home and write a blog about Michael and I.

I get home and get all my bags out of the trunk
drop them on the little porch
and unlock the door
What? Why?

Because you can't open a front door if you don't have the right key. Michael's spare car key has a random key on the key ring (for God knows what reason) and I mistook it for our house key. Naturally, I assumed it was our house key because its the only key we need and should have on our key rings and because I don't inspect keys with magnifying glasses or count the rivets on a key before I leave the house.

So how did I spend my night?

In a Chevy Malibu driving back and forth 30 minutes each way with two little boys in the back seat having a serious screaming contest (Insert headache here). Eventually the screaming contest turned into Logan just shrieking and Blake asking me 2646128469 questions. It was the longest ride ever and by this time I was ready to kill Michael... like thinking of previously watched Snapped episodes ready to kill.  

Then about 2 minutes before I pulled into the driveway this song came on.... and I wasn't mad anymore. I actually got the same exact way I did on my way home from Wal-Mart.

I am never going to be the kind of person who gushes about my husband or writes about how perfect he is or gets down with PDA's. Its just not my thing. But I want Michael to always know how much I love and appreciate him.


P.S. Your to do list for tomorrow is on the counter.... (just kidding :))

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