Ohhhhhh August

Wahhhhhhhhhhhh Summer is over tomorrow.
Well at least I think so. September is Fall to me even if it is 80 degrees. We had a really good summer and I am ready to move forward. I have already put the boys in jeans twice. I forget how cute they look in little carpenter jeans.
Anywho August was A for Awesome.
First my sister Laura and Bunker came to visit! We went to Burlington, Bunker ate a whole bag of treats (eh hem Blake Porter), the boys had a fun day at the park with Michael and were able to see how the Amish get down at the beach...It was interesting to say the least.

Next up Danielle Aura and Erin came and spent a weekend with us!!! We had a little birthday celebration for Erin that we didn't even tell her was a birthday celebration until way into the night, we had a fun filled day of going to yard sales (yes yard sales) and drinks on my porch two nights in a row.

Then we went on vacation!! I couldn't post that we were going on vacation because my Dad thinks that burglar's read my blog and plot to steal our valuables  (two TVs and a desk top computer I am pretty sure would be left behind) when we aren't home.

Someone turned the big 2-9!

When we got home form vacation we also went to Danielle's pig roast which I have zero pictures from.. I bet I would have pictures from ALOT more things if I had an iPhone (just saying). 

Since being back from vacation I have taken about 4 pictures (boo!) I could talk about my need for an iPhone again but I don't want to be repetitive ;)...

Fun things that have happened since we got home from vacation:
School clothes shopping for Blake with GeGe.
Pre-school (Ahhhh!!!!) orientation.
Also my friend Alisha and her family came to visit this past weekend. I don't have any pictures because Rick has a fancy camera that puts mine to shame so I just let him take the pictures all weekend. Blake and Tyler played downstairs during Hurricane Irene for like 8 hours straight. We had an Angry Bird marathon and ordered food from every restaurant in Peru.
Here is some friendly advice about a hurricane. DO NOT wait until the hurricane is 4 miles from your house to decide you need a generator. They will all be sold out and you will have to buy a car battery operated back up sump pump so your basement doesn't flood. It's not fun. Also, do not try to leave your friends house and drive into the eye of a hurricane then think you will just wait it out on the side of the highway. Those things are both bad ideas.

So August was pretty great and I think September will be too! We have a few trips to Albany planned for a special birthday and a wedding, a little guy starting school, and a VERY special birthday (co-ME-ugh).

OK now I have to clean my dumpster house :)


  1. Seriously with these bathing suit shots.. wtf.. Ughh. I just puked in my cubicle :(

  2. Ash i miss u guys already Michael should be getting his gift anyday now lol