Random jibberish and a nice guest post at the bottom

FIRST everyone needs to go to my last post and enter to win the giveaway from Erin of Olivknits. Its an awesome necklace and you will kick yourself if you don't try to win it. Then I will kick you. (That's not true- but I will want to) I'll announce a winner Thursday the 18th. Ok? Ok.

Second the name of this post is lame-o.
I feel like I have 600 things to do and it is already 7:11.
I should probably get off the computer.
I wish I had a robot like on the Jetsons.
I also wish that those flat escelators were everywhere like in the Jetsons too.
I went to yard sales today and I only brought $5.
and I made that $5 last for 4 hours. lol. That's is ri.dic.u.lous.
Blake is testing every nerve in my body.
I think every day is opposite day at the Porter's.
He just ran away from me at the speed of light when I tried to take a step stool from him.
Me: " Blake, give me that now"
Blake: "no way Jose"
Now were watching Sid the Science kid.
Sometimes I just want to punch those puppets.

On a MUCH happier note. Jazmin from Our Happily Ever After had me do a guest post on her blog. Watch how I transform a Mcdonalds cup to a vase in no time hahaha. Seriously tho, go HERE right now and read my interview. And yes, the first thing I write about is being born with an extra finger. And you can see my bump if you look at the picture of me holding my camera... hahaha whats wrong with me????
Jazmin was so nice to ask and she seriously bumped my self-esteem a notch or two. I am feeling pre-tty good right now. lol. Seriously tho it was really fun doing an interview. I think I'm ready for Barbara Walters.


  1. I loved that!!!! And I miss Arrested Development too!!

  2. Haha! Ashley you are adorable.

    Thanks again for being my guest. :o)

    You are beautiful!