What a week

Wahhhhhhhhh Vacation is officially over.

Ahhhh it was fun while it lasted though. We all had a really good time. Blakey and Lo loved the ocean. It was a week of highs and lows for everyone. If I may...

Joel's high:
Playing in the sand with the sons he always wanted (Blake and Logan)
and a first day of vacation Fribble
Joel's low:
Being a crabby pants about the weather on day one. "(Insert numerous expletives here!!!!!!!!)"

Ellen's high:
Reading smut on not one but two beautiful beach days
Ellen's Low:
red tide in her bathing suit

Michael's high:
Watching Blake on the carousel... He also had an almond joy frozen coffee drink that was soooo good
Michael's low:
Becoming bff with the bathroom on last day and night in RI.. and his smart phone taking a swim in the ocean (wah wahhhhhh)

Laura's high:(Says Laura)
Morning walks on the beach
Laura's low:
DB's at Watch Hill
** This information was received after I wrote my highs and lows... Laura and I have ESP)**

Blake's high:
Puddle jumping, playing in the ocean, riding the carousel and his first visit to a REAL candy store
Blake's low:
Blake had to have a few time outs on vaca.... all for the greater good...

Logan's high:
Starfish lollipop at Watch Hill. He seriously was squealing and screaming and shaking in delight. It was so cute. and his afternoon beach naps.
Logan's Low:
I would have to say without a doubt, Saturday's haircut. You would have thought he was being murdered. Poor Lou Lou. It came out so cute though. Thank you man that cut Logan's hair. I should've tipped you $100. (Anyone looking to get a little boys hair cut should go to Neil's- Baby's first hair cut is free and there is some SERIOUS patience going on in that place.)

Ashley's high:
Great weather, caramel peanut butter cookie dough ice cream, morning walks on the beach for coconut coffee, playing at the ocean and in the rain in the hotel parking lot, watching Blake imitate my Mom "Nooooooooooo", The Crossings with my 3 guys on Friday morning and watching Blake, Logan and Michael swim in my mom's pool.

Ashley's low:
Watch Hill was a high and a low for me. I think the smell of old money is very similar to the smell of douche bag and that place reeked. We were pulling in to park and this guy with the same face as Pee Wee Herman in an orange polo about as tall as Blake with his wife who from where I was sitting looked similar to Barbie and their stroller walked right in front of our car and just put his hand up for us to stop. I hate him. The houses were out. of. control. I would love to take a tour and know all the people's stories, rich people have the most dirt. I would have liked to know the story around the snobby lady sitting next to me while Blake was riding the carousel who didn't even smile at my awesomely awesome boy. I could have slugged her. Right in her perfect veneers.
I loved watching Blake on the carousel though. He took it so seriously and was the cutest one on it all three times he rode. Every time he passed me he said "Hi Mom!!-- Bye Mom!!". It was the cutest. He is still talking about it.
My other low was having to leave my family again. Once I am up here (all 2.5 hours away) I am just fine. We have our house and our friends up here and work and we are busy and we are happy (we really are) but when you get an extended stay and you see lots of your friends you haven't seen in awhile and you meet their new babies and when you spend quality time with your family its hard to leave.
We were ready to come home but it would have been easier (for me at least) if home was closer.

Anyway, here are a shit ton pictures from our week....
Blake getting ready to puddle jump... I personally love this attire

Taking a walk in the pouring rain. I wish my feet weren't too fat for my rain boots.
I def would have had a pair on

Logan enjoying the rain

cutest boots.

day 2. Lets go to the beach!

One of my favorites

When Michael's phone went swimming

beach nap

sherbet cone

the men in my life lol

morning walk... lil schmoop

morning beach walk

baby sand feet

Blake in the sand

apparently the best lollipop ever


Schmoopy in Mema's room

Building castles

haha bff's

another carousel pic

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!


me and the boys

Mom and Schmoop

The Porter Fam i ly (duh nuh nuh nuh snap snap)

last day at the beach wahhhhhh

the 4G's

OK so that's it. Honestly I am a little hesitant putting pictures up of myself in a bikini. In some ways I think its weird. But I warned you pics were coming, and yes I did edit bikini pics with my sister so I would be more tan. Thanks Picasa. I think I will link up this bathing suit picture here...the hell with it :)

Anyone want to teach me how to put a button on a post?? I can't figure it out for the life of me.

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  1. aww your family is so cute.looks like you all had a great vacay.