Who is ready????????? (for a fun story and a Giveaway!!!!!!)


Remember when I bribed everyone to follow my blog?? Then I said when I got 20 followers I would do something special. Well I reached it and surpassed it by a bit so I am going to give something very awesome to you. Well one of you.

Does anyone else have a friend that is super creative and talented and has the best handwriting and hair and loves your kids and before when you all were single you would get wasted  have cocktails together and you would think you were being really cute in Hoboken and walk in to the bar and walk right into a reflection of yourself (ie into a mirror) and the whole bar would watch and she (and another friend who shall remain nameless) didn't help you, instead just laughed to the point where they were almost peeing in their pants?
Oh you don't??

That sucks.... Lucky for me and you, I do. Her name is Erin and she is helping me celebrate reaching 20 followers with you. This is Erin <3

and THIS is the night of previously discussed mirror incident....
(Currently holding my head in embarrassment)

Looking back it was pretty hilarious...

Anyway, I am getting off topic. Erin designs and sells amazing knits. I know because my boys have all sorts of awesome stuff from her. For example, check out Stink's Mohawk hat from last winter:
Hat from OlivKnits

And Schmoopy's blanket

blanket from Olivknits

Blanket from Olivknits

blanket from Olivknits

Now Erin is branching out into jewelry!!!!

Here is what I love about her jewelry.. I love that the chain is yarn. It makes for the most comfortable necklace, they are nice and light! I love how you could easily dress it up or down. I want one in every color.. (Erin could you get on that?)
If you are interested in contacting Erin about having a special knit made for you (and she will customize for you- cause she is awesome) you can contact her @ erinolivan@gmail.com.
 An Etsy shop is coming soon. God I love Etsy.
Soooooo one of you will be luck enough to win an olivknit necklace... this necklace to be exact:

YIPPEE!!!!! Who
doesn't love free things???

Ok So here is how it works. If your a member of StinkandSchmoop just leave a comment about how awesome this necklace or the blog or her knits are and you are in the running!!!!
 If your not then click on the join this site button, leave a comment and you are in the running!!!
Then I will have this online randomator select a winner!!!! A winner will be selected on Monday morning!!!
YAY!!!! Good Luck!!!


  1. I LOVE the hat and the blanket! Let me know when she has her Etsy site up and running!! Keep blogging, I love reading it. =)

  2. Love it all! I hadn't seen the blankets before, they're so cute! She is very talented ash!

  3. I want I want! She's soo talented!!

  4. Not only should she look into an Etsy site, she should look into Tight Knit in Troy (if she is local). Nice stuff!

  5. Aw friendships like that are plain awesome!

    I would loooove that necklace! Her etsy is adorable!!


  6. Love your blog

  7. I love your blankets...so cute !!!

  8. I love the blanket. It has taken me an hour to talk my sister through commenting on your blog I hope she is finally published!!!!!

  9. Cute necklace, I love free things! Looking forward to her Etsy shop.

  10. Ohh Emm Gee I love it

  11. Ok so totally didn't know you had a blog and totally didn't know she made stuff. Love it. Pick me!!!

  12. Hi I'm a new follower from The Millers - loved your homemade planter!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  13. Love seeing all of the beautiful knit items - I can crochet, but an afghan is my only speed. LOVELOVELOVE this blog so much, and keeping up with the Porter's...one of my favorite younger families in the world!!! <3