who is tired???

Me! Me!

I'm beat. A weekend with 3 bff's, a serious yard sale spree, 7 six packs, an impromptu little base ball game, an overnight at my parents sans boys (and a delicious 4G family dinner @ Lanies-with great conversation) was how I spent my weekend.
A 5 1/2 hour CPR and First aid training and a 3 hour drive to get back to my boys (while listening to Foxxhole Sirius XM radio) was how I spent my Monday.
I missed my kids. Away for one night and I cried when I left them.
Anyway here is a weekend in pictures. I'm going to go fall into my bed.

Someone brought chips... and someone else finished them

Tired Schmoopy...Wasn't feeling the camera this weekend (and is an exceptional climber)

Coca-Cola and Pepsi bottles- Were pretty sure one might be an original :)

Hard cover classics?? We loved.

hey batter batter batter

Strikeeeeeeeee one!

Garage sales + Christmas Decor = Aura!

Flava Flavvvvvvvvvvve!!! $1 necklace!

Fruit basket...

Someone got a new movie...

If its not a fragile item- Danielle isn't buying it

Blake loved all the girls


Nicorette is NOT delicious

Aura your head is on fire


Oh how I love these girls!

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  1. Woahmygosh. Girlie, you were busy! I can completely understand why you are tired! But you are also amazingly blessed to be able to do all that you did!! :o)


    P.S. I awarded you blog the versatile award... go check out my blog for deets!