The thing about living in a more rural area (the country if you will) is that there are farms everywhere. Apple farms, cow farms, legit animal filled farms and horse farms. I was driving home from the beach with the boys this afternoon and I swear I drove past like 40 horses (I am an exaggerator, I probably drove past 6).
The thing is ever since 2008 I have been forced to look at horses in a completely different light. and this is the reason:

First I would like to state that I never until right now realized what was in that horses eye. I initially clicked on this Net Flix instant documentary because I thought it was about a zoo. Boy was I wrong. Boy oh boy. Laura and I lived together with Blake for a year. Michael was in Georgia for training and we didn't have cable. We watched lots of documentaries. Mostly on things like awesome restaurants, fashion week, fast food, babies, music, the circus, etc. I don't think I have watched a documentary on anything since Zoo.
Its a mess. If you would like to forever be scarred every time you look at a horse (or a mini horse... shutter) you should check this documentary out.
And here's some news... you can watch it for free... here... Just so you know this was an award winner at the Sundance Film festival so clearly my opinion varies from others... But whatever opinion you have.. don't judge me for watching it. It was like a train wreck, couldn't take my eyes off.

Good luck everyone... Your gonna need it... and I'm sorry in advance

Back to family fun posts tomorrow.. I just had to get this post out there.


  1. Did you forget about the documentaries we watched about that brothel in like Indonesia or that rapist priest on the west coast??? Babies and fashion my ass!

  2. I totally did. What the hell was wrong with us???

  3. OMG - just googled that...think I'm too scared to watch!