10 things About September 13th!

September 13, 2011.... Here are 10 things about my day:

1) A very special kid started preschool today. And he did awesome. I am not one bit worried about Blake at school. He is so friendly and social. I got to stay with him for awhile today and did an activity to help get him acquainted with his classroom. When it was time to go he said "Mom, that was so much fun!!!" He is going to be A-Okay!!

2) Logan had a fever all last night and today. He was very winy and drooley and just looked miserable. Until he had some cake...That was the happiest he looks all day. This is a pretty accurate depiction of LoLo today. lol

3. I did have to go to court today and I did get an $85.00 fine. It was so ridiculous. Technically, because I pled not guilty I had to go to trial and be under oath. The trooper went on a whole schpeel (spelling?)about how the alleged ticket came to be, and then the judge asked me if I had any questions for the Trooper. Like I was an attorney... Um yeah here is a question, Why didn't you call me out into the hallway and reduce my ticket like every other trooper did? Sigh. The good news is some how I weaseled out of the actual ticket, the bad news I have to pay an $85.00 surcharge.... In the words of Blake Porter "Oh Christ".

4) I had Mangu today. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my favorite... Fried cheese, plantains, salami. onions.... Ohhh I would eat it every day!

5) I also had turtle brownies, banana pie, cake and fettuccine Alfredo (made by Michael).... I am so freaking full.

6) I started painting the kids play house in the back yard tonight. It is so cute. It has a light and a doorbell. I don't really have a plan for it, just that it is going to look way better. There was seriously a SWARM of what appeared to be black flies right outside the playhouse door.. and I had no bug spray. I was nervous this was going to happen...

7. Today was my dirt day birthday. I have big plans for 28. They include hopefully having a nice easy year. 26 and 27 were busy years (baby, wedding, house, new jobs, new friends). I want 28 to just be about taking it easy and enjoying my family. Its going to be a good year.

8. Its a thunderstorm right now. Thunderstorms= Ash sleeping like a baby. Thank you birthday gods.
I'm exhausted.

9. I am trying decide if I should dye my hair back to dark or keep it light. I am unable to make this decision without help. Please comment with what you think. It can be anonymous. I just need to know. My roots are making me want to puke.


10) You want to know what is awesome about Facebook??? All the birthday wishes. This year I promised myself I would personally thank everyone who gave me a happy birthday... There were like 120. It was awesome.. So thanks again everyone... For some reason they really made my day! I promise to be better about wishing all my FB friends happy birthday now too!!!

Tomorrow will be a post specifically about Blakey at school....

Goodnight everyone!!


  1. I will give you my opinion about your hair friday when I see you...

  2. Kir- Im not waiting until Friday... Im not traveling with the these roots...

    Laur- I think so too.... Its so much easier...

  3. I say dark toooo!!!

  4. I agree da da da dark lol!!

  5. I'm going to go with dark too! Started following a couple of days ago; great blog!