Blake stop jumping on the couch
Blake be gentle
Blake why is Logan crying?
Blakey make sure the toast is picked up before you put the blanket on the ottoman

Sometimes this is my day from start to finish. and I hate it. I have to slow myself down remind myself this is a 3 year old I am dealing with (with the energy of an I don't even know what).
But then he says things like this

Mom your so awesome
Mom look at this picture of you and daddy. you look so cute!
Mom your making my bed? good job!
Mom! I am so glad you came back! (whenever I leave the house for more than 10 minutes)
Mom- Dad is a boy and he is awesome. Your a girl- your cute.
Dad- your an awesome driver

And I just wanna give him a million super hugs.

In less than two weeks my big boy is going to pre-school. And I am going to welcome the 2 1/2 hours twice a week I get with Lo and to work in silence and to go grocery shopping with one little guy instead of two.
But I am sad that time is going by so fast too. It's depressing.
And I think the first day will be harder for me than for him. But we are ready. Believe me we are ready.

Here is a look at what we have been doing this week :)

Monday I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. My house was so happy. The play room was looking pret-ty good if I do say so myself...

and by Friday... Well probably Tuesday around 10AM
Get ready for it.............

I guess its a sign they were having fun....
I vow to clean this room once a week. No more. As you can clearly see there isn't much of a point.

We made a "fort"

A fort is obviously the best place to have delicious cherry Juicy Juice and milk bottles and to watch every Caillou episode Netflix offers on instant. (Ohhh Caillou. How I hate your little guts)

We have been eating lots of apples! The apple orchard down the street opened August 27th and we were there the first day 30 minutes before close. Schmoopy loves apples. He can sit with one for an hour and be happy as a clam
 (what does happy as a clam even mean??)

And lastly just this morning we had special breakfast. My mom used to make this for Laura and I when we were little. Special breakfast consists of 4 pieces of toast- one peanut butter, one regular butter (as Stink calls it), one jelly, and one cinnamon and sugar. Cut each piece into 4 and let them eat in the living room... Taaa Daaa!! Special breakfast!

Its a fan favorite.. Not that you can tell by Blakey's face in this picture...

Big Labor Day plans include... Spending time with my guys... that's about it :)

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  1. Seriously, you are such a good mom. The fort is my favorite. It does go by sooooo fast. I can remember mike's (my mike) first day of pre-school and middle school starts in two days :-(