Call the Car Guy

I have nothing to write about today so here is the game Blake and I just played.

First we lined up all his cars. All 32 of them. Then Blake told me to call The Car Guy to tell him we needed one more car. But I was tired so I sat on the couch and told Blake that the car guy wanted some cars and he wanted them delivered in a shopping cart.
 So I made 32 calls to Car Guy asking what car he wanted and then had Blake deliver them in his shopping cart to the other side of the room. Every time he delivered a car he yelled
 "Mom call The Car Guy- see what one he wants now".
Then when he delivered them he faced them all towards the TV like they were at the drive ins.
Then I asked him if he wanted a push up pop so we could come upstairs and I could get him ready for bed.

Sometimes I forget how easy it is to play with kids.
 I was folding laundry so I originally had told him I couldn't go downstairs and play.
But he is so cute and said please 10 times.
And if I never went down the "Call The Car Guy" game would never have came to be.

Blake loved it and I see many calls to The Car Guy in our future.....

Tomorrows Friday :)

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  1. Wow what a collection, Blake would be the envy of my kids if they ever saw these. Great post. Let's follow each other. Take care and have a great weekend.

    Lisa x